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Is the Triangle Recruiting Process Right for You?
Contact Jenny Good to set up a Mentor Coaching call to determine if you're a good for for a Triangle or/and if you should Lead a Triangle or be a Triangle Member.

What is the purpose of Lifebushido Recruit Triangles?

What are the roles of the Leader, Scribe, Connector and Visionary?
Review Triangle%20RolesJoin a Triangle page regularly and email Recruit Leaders seeking Triangle Members and ask to be in their Triangle. Update the date on your post at least weekly until you're in a Triangle.

How do members of the Triangle communicate with each other?
Members communicate via multiple methods depending on what tools they're comfortable with. This may include: email, Google Hangouts, wiki pages, phone calls and video chats.

When will I know when I become an Ishido?
When you have 100 paid hours you can apply to be Ishido.

What if at the end of our 30 days we only have 2 members?
You must have 3 members total to be considered for hire. If you do not have 3 Members, you will need to start the process over the following month with new Members.

Do the Triangles end after 30 days?
Go here to learn about the flow of Triangles after the Start Up Phase.

Will all the members of a Triangle be hired or will the best from each Triangle be chosen?
Members will be chosen based on their Triangle participation and submitted Tasks. Percent of hire for Leaders is100% Percent of hire for Members is 50%

Is there any training involved?
All training is self-training and helping each other in your Triangle during this 30-day process. We have tons of information and tools on our websites and wikis. Once hired, we provide training as needed for the various Teams.

What determines if we are hired?

  • Currently, for overall Lifebushido applicants, less than 1 in 10 people are hired based on various criteria and rating by multiple people.
  • If you successfully complete the 30-day Lifebushido Triangle process, you will have a 50% chance of hire– depending upon work performed in your Triangle.
  • If your Triangle completes all Tasks in the 30-day Recruit process, it is then eligible to move on to the last hiring phase, the New Hire process. If your completed Tasks are average or better, you will be hired. If you did not follow directions for New Hire Tasks or your writing and ideas are poor or unclear, you will not be hired or may not continue past the New Hire process.
  • We give more focus to people who have courage and success in being a Leader and creating a Triangle. Being a Leader significantly increases your chances of being hired.
  • Being a Triangle Leader is a requirement for a Key Assistant role.

What type of work can we expect to be doing once we are hired?
See http://bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/Clients for examples for clients of type of work and services we provide. Lifebushido does pretty much everything you can imagine to support small business entrepreneurs, though most of our focus is on the real estate industry at this time. Typically, everyone focuses on their unique talents and work mix across 1-3 Teams.

How are we paid? Monthly, weekly, etc.
Lifebushido pays US-based talent monthly via Direct Deposit the 5th of the month for the prior month. Thus, billable work done in May will be paid by June 5th.Global talent is paid via PayPal.

What happens after the month we spend building the Triangle?
If you successfully completed the 30-day Lifebushido Triangle, you will receive an official Welcome to Lifebushido Job Offer email to accept. If you accept the offer, you are considered a New Hire and will complete a final set of Tasks. These Tasks help determine your initial Team placement.

How many assignments will a Triangle complete during it’s 30-day period?
Review the //lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Ishido+-+New+Hire

What are the top things a Triangle Leader should do?

  • Be consistent
  • Brief communication - do not be overly wordy
  • Clarity - 3 steps of looking ahead
  • Ask questions
  • Spend 2/3 of time doing actual individual task work (TLP) and 1/3 of time helping, sharing, reading and providing feedback on others' task work
  • Keep your triangle members and yourself on track with the timeline
  • Inspire your members to press forward if they get a little discouraged along the way
  • Communicate on a regular basis (usually via email, but you may elect to have phone calls or use online messaging systems, too)
  • Use your imagination to make it fun and interesting and don’t be afraid to try something new

Can a Leader ask a Triangle Member to leave if they are not performing?
A Triangle Leader has the right to remove a Member from their Triangle. If communication becomes inappropriate, the Leader should escalate the issue to the Triangle Team Leader to resolve.

If a Leader does not perform well can their Triangle members ask them to leave the Triangle?

Can someone leave one Triangle and join another after they are formed?
Yes. Although it is highly recommended to not make any change until after you have successfully completed the 30-day Lifebushido Triangle and New Hire phase. This will give enough time to see if this is a good fit or not.

What is the ideal number of members for a Triangle?
3-5 members [Note: minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5]. This can change depending on the needs or goals of Lifebushido.

What is the most important quality of a Triangle?
An openness to share and help others.

Will we be able to continue working with the same Members of our Triangle when hired?
Yes. It is highly encouraged to continue with your same Triangle. You will not have Tasks necessarily to complete but will be given more opportunities to receive billable hours.

Can there be more than one individual in the role of Scribe, Connector or Visionary if we have more Triangle members than roles?
Only one Leader per Triangle is permitted. It is best that only one Member fill each of the other Triangle roles. This does not mean Members cannot help others in this role, it just means only one person can have the designated title. Leaders are given the flexibility to spread or share the tasks among their Members to share the workload.

How do you move a Triangle from Triangles starting to Active-Traingles-Forming-Ready to Start?
Edit and copy your entire Triangle section and paste it to the bottom of that page under the Active Triangles Section.

What are the main key points that you can advise to succeed in this journey?
Visit our /Feedback%20-%20Triangle%20ExperienceLeaders - Removing a Member for example.

If I have questions, can I get support?
Yes! You are not in this alone. As a Triangle Leader, you might have questions. Follow these steps to find answers or get support:

  • Step 1 – Check the Wikis - Wikis are pages created to share information and resources. Check the wikis first and see if you find an answer to your question.
  • Step 2 – Ask for help – If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Wikis, reach out to triangle@lifebushido.com and ask. We are here to help you.

Is there anything creativity wise that would make our Triangle stand out to Steve?
Yes, yes, yes. Ask good questions like this one. Read Lifebushido's Vision and do something creative to help share and promote our current creative or social entrepreneur projects. Come up with some great ideas.

Do we complete the Triangle Tasks as a Triangle or individually?

Is there anything specifically you'd like to see on the Triangle pages?
Use your own creativity and judgement. It is your Triangle Page and you do what you want with it and borrow ideas you like from other Triangles. Remember, you can create subpages. In general, include your Members' names and roles, perfect job paragraphs, annual goals and unique talents. You may also want to include the What Animal Am I personality quiz results for each Member.

Once we establish we are hired, how much hands-on assistance is provided by a Team?
Each Team will help with training you for the Tasks you are to complete. Most training is a combination of self-training and mentoring.

After we accept our job offer, how long until Training starts?
It depends on the Team/s you applied to.

What kind of upward mobility is available after being hired?
After successful training, you are eligible to be in a Leader role. Learn more about upward mobility and pay rates here.

Are there any kind of benefits available to New Hires?
No, because employees work part-time with Lifebushido.

Are bonuses available if the client thinks the work deserves it?
On some teams there are some opportunities to make commission or work-based bonuses.

When will I become an Ishido?
You must first complete 100 hours with Lifebushido. To learn more about becoming an Ishido, see: http://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Ishido

What type of employment does Lifebushido provide?
Everyone is hired as a part-time employee.

Is the work schedule flexible?
Yes, to varying degrees.

If hired, are we guaranteed to work a certain number of hours every week?
Every effort is made to ensure you get the hours you want, but hours are not guaranteed. The more open you are to working on a mix of Teams and to continue learning, the more likely you will gain work faster than someone who just wants to work on a single Team.

What is the correlation between Lifebushido Triangles and Goalbushido?
Lifebushido is the owner of Goalbushido. People with written goals achieve more and enjoy life more, and Lifebushido strives to help you exceed in your Perfect job which also includes enjoying life. Goals are one of the first steps in succeeding.

Are there typically more women than men Ishidos working for Lifebushido?
Yes, but we hire men as readily as women, if a good fit.

If someone is not hired, what is the process for re-applying?
See http://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Jobs%20-%20Applying%20for%20a%20Second%20ShotJob Openings for Ishidos wiki for our fast hiring Teams.

After acceptance of the job offer, will the hours be consistent. If a person desires to work 25 hours per week, will he or she have consistency in their daily hours?
Those with dedicated, proven skills will likely have more consistent hours. Work does vary depending on Team, client demand, etc. We suggest working on 1-3 Teams to help you get the hours you desire.

Please add any additional questions below. We will periodically review this page and provide answers and organize.

1. How is Lifebushido on track to meet its goals for the current Business Focus?
2. What are best practices for promoting our triangle?
3. Do you need to have an American accent to be a caller? What if English is not your first language?



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