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  • George Jabley - Accra, Ghana - Pacesetters' Triangle, 03/30/18 -

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Please use this format: Name, City/State (Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback…

Tamara Mills, Roanoke, VA, Triforce Visionary Triangle, 7/30/18

  • I started working with Lifebushido July 1, 2018. I also teach ESL online part time and work as a freelance writer. I signed on as the leader for a triangle group for July. I enjoyed the experience and providing help and leadership to others during the process. I recommend signing on as a leader and suggest starting with a minimum of six people. I started with five members and finished the month with three members as two dropped out during the month for various reasons.

Sylvia Stevens, Fort Worth, TX, Equilateral Vision Triangle 5/17/17

  • I started working with Lifebushido in 2014. I was retired but still wanted to keep busy and I've always been curious about working from home. I saw a lot of adverstisements but I really didn't want to be a telemarketer. I saw an ad for Lifebushido and it really caught my eye. I found the process a little daunting but if you stick with it, you can learn a lot about yourself and your abilities. We all learned to help each other and learned from each other. The ladies that I work with are AMAZING. Yes, it can be challenging but you'll be rewarded with a tremendous experience and joining a Triangle can actually help with the challenges you'll face once you begin to have clients.

Tracey Bujaki Fenton, MI Life Out Loud Triangle 5/17/17

  • I started working with Lifebushido in 2011. I wanted to make a little extra money for my kids activities but still be at home for them. I was referred to Lifebushido from a friend of mine who was already working here. I started out as a Caller which I loved because it is super flexible. You can basically work whenever your schedule allows. Over time I tried some other things to find out what I liked best. I have more recently become a Mentor and Team Leader. Its a little less flexible with some dealines and meetings at certain times, but now that my kids are older it works out great and I am doing what I love. Triangles were not a thing when I first started and I did not join one for many years because of the time committment. Last year I was sort of forced into joining one, but found it is fun to find out more about myself and get to know others during the process. It is also not that time consuming. I joined the Triangle as a member. Since I already have a leadership role in the company I wanted to be laid back in the triangle and let others take the lead. It has been a great learning experience.

Jean Plourde, Boston MA Entrepreneurs Club Triangle 5/10/2017

  • I joined Lifebushido in the hopes of finding a work from home VA position that allows me to utilize my skills and knowledge of the Real Estate business. It is a process but a positive one. I was a little perplexed at the time when I started but I quickly realized this is part of the hiring process. After all we are not going on “live” interviews. How can one know if we will be a good fit for the organization and if we are serious. Going through the process I feel will give an indication of your abilities as well as give you the applicant a chance to get a feel for the organization and what they are about and how you may fit in. Regardles, it's all meant to be a positive experience and if nothing else should give people a postiive perspective and help them move forward in the right direction of their lives.

Crystal Jones, East Orange, NJ (USA), Inspirational Impact Triangle, 4/30/2017

  • I joined the Lifebushido Triangle because I was curious about the Lifebushido process. I chose to be the Visionary in our triangle because I enjoy looking ahead and envisioning how to moved the process forward. The outcome was learning a lot about my team mates and what is important to them in their lives. I learned what inspires and motivates them. I also had things I knew about my personality reinforced. This is not for the impatient. The Triangle aspect of the hiring process may not be a good fit if you are simply looking for a job. You have to want to work well with others and go through this process. However, it was a helpful process because it allows you to connect with people, a team. It was challenging trying to find the time for my Triangle because of my work obligations. The good thing is that we have a great team, especially our team leader (Ashley B), who did a great job keeping everyone on task.

Teresa Dixon, Piney Flats, Tennessee (USA), The Talented Tycoons Triangle, 4/30/2017

  • I decided to try this social experiment because I wanted to learn more about Lifebushido. I started out wanting a part-time job and now after finding out more I want to eventually work as many hours as possible with this company. At the beginning, I chose to be a member because I already work a full time job as a Sales Professional. Well, as sometimes happens, things changed and I was asked if I would be the Leader of my triangle, I thought about it and said yes. I'm glad I said yes. Now, it was pretty hectic most of the time trying to get everything done because I really didn't have much free time with my full time job. The members and Jenny were a lot of help getting the triangle back on track. Thanks to you all!!! If you like a challenge… become a Leader of a triangle.. you will find out a lot about yourself! Sometimes it was frustrating trying to get everything to come together on time (we had to catch up). But, we worked together and helped each other. I think we make a great team!

Ashley Beck, Doylestown, Ohio (USA), Inspirational Impact Triangle, 4/30/2017

  • I decided to try this social experiment not only because I was looking for a work from home job so I could be with my children, but also because I was intrigued by the hiring process and I thought it would be a great way to get to know new people. I chose to become a Leader because of my eagerness to help Inspire others and take charge. What was outcome and results compared to what you expected? There were a lot of ups and downs. I do believe that 30 days can be a little much when you are hired in by lifebushido and still participating in the Triangle. I had to be in a triangle for 2 months because around the 21 day mark of our 1st month we had too many members drop out. Finally we are finishing the triangle experience. I did really enjoy each of my members. if you are Eager to just get a “JOB”, this is not for you. It can be a process and a bit overwhelming. If you are patient and willing to dig a little and not afraid to ask questions this would be a great fit. If you have another job you may struggle. I have a 2 year old still at home and I'm still trying t o make the “work from Home” portion work with my schedule. Keeping up with the Triangles expectations and New Hire paperwork along with training can be pretty time consuming and frustrating at times, but everyone is really helpful and kind.

Aruna Das, Bangalore, India, The Talented Tycoons, 04/29/2017

  • i joined Lifebushido since i was looking for stay at home job that provided flexibility and a stable career. I have just started my journey joining a wonderful Triangle called The Talented Tycoons and so far it has been wonderful interacting with members and completing tasks. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who love work-life balance and still find time to do things they are passionate about.

Jessica Tate, Nixa, MO, USA, Inspirational Impact 04/30/17

  • I decided to join this experiment to meet people and make professional connections in the work from home industry. I am currently a SAHM of two and wanted to be able to contribute to my family financially form home. I chose to be a member because I was concerned about balancing my time with having two children under two at home. I thoroughly enjoyed my triangle. The outcome was just as I would have expected. I think this is good for anyone wanting to get a foot in the door with this company and also to meet other professionals with similar goals. People who are unsure about being a part of this community or people who are not willing to dedicate their time to have a successful triangle, should not join. Some of the assignments were daunting to read over and needed some clarification. The turn around time on questions that required more than one person to answer was also very slow.

  • Maria Villalobos, Selma TX, Vertical Limit, 03/29/17:Xby Counterflix

    I started this journey as part of my employment requirement, not exactly sure what I was getting into. It has been quite the experience. We started out with 5 members and lost 2. Thank of God our triangle leader was so great. She stepped up to the plate and took on the work of the members we had lost at the same time as keeping up with all her other responsibilities. I would have been lost with out that kind of help and guidance. Being in a triangle at the same time as all of your training can get quite overwhelming. We are now at the end of our triangle and it is such a relief to know we have 1 less thing to think about. I would definitely recommend joining a triangle as I have learned a lot about the 2 fine ladies in my triangle and will be forever thankful for this time to grow and learn.

  • Allison Whittaker, Florissant MO, Vertical Limit, 03/23/17: WOW….I decided to join a Triangle as a condition of my employment and to see what this social experience was all about. It has been an “eye-opener” for me, and I would not be honest if I didn't say the experience had its ups and downs. We lost a couple of members early in the beginning stages of our Triangle, and had to persevere with only three members. Our Scribe resigned, so as the Leader of our Triangle, I assumed both roles. The challenges were grueling at times, especially when your Triangle starts out with the maximum of five members, then you lose two. I believe Lifebushido should allow at least 6 members….1 Leader and 5 Members. As we are nearing the completion of Day 30, I am very proud of my Team. We are a strong group of three and reflect the three sides of a Triangle where we support and lean on each other. They are not only my team mates, but I now consider them friends I have gained through this experience. For that I am truly grateful. I believe people should always take advantage of any opportunities they think they want to try, and Lifebushido is a “one-of-a kind” opportunity. If you are a detail oriented person, and have the time and energy to commit to this experience….go for it!! It may work out, or it may not, but you will never know unless you try.

  • Krista Chant, St. Louis, MO, Better Together, 01/30/17: I joined the triangle after being asked to lead it by Steve when I was a recruit for Lifebushido. I read about the triangle experience on the wikipages and watched previous triangle members videos on YouTube talking about their Triangle Experience. I kind of had an idea that Lifebushido took a much different approach to work and interaction after applying with them. I found the triangle experience to be a great way to interact with others who are new to the Lifebushido process, you help each other along and collaborate to get a task complete. You really need this platform to help learn how your interaction as an Inshido will be. Lifebushido is a work from home company but they go far beyond other work from home jobs in how they get to know you and your work style so that they and you know you will be a good fit. I enjoyed being a Triangle Leader and getting to know my triangle members from other states and countries.

  • Kim Nunn, Watchung, NJ, Enrichment-chi, 5/28/16: I found Lifebushido through WAH Adventures and joined a Triangle to learn more. I come from a Project Management background so I thought a Leader role would be perfect for me. I connected with the vision of Lifebushido from the start and was so intrigued by the process, the structure of the company, and the whole Triangle concept. I was a bit skeptical initially about what the objective of the triangle was, thinking there must be something in it for the company benefit. There's not, aside from the benefit that those who make it through a Triangle month 1 have shown their ability to communicate, follow directions, work with a team, and think outside of the box a little bit. That is a great developmental tool to find serious potential future employees for Lifebushido. Month 1 is really all about discovering more about ourselves, our talents and what we are truly passionate about. It is amazing what you can accomplish with a team you never meet face to face! If you are an adventurous person with some time and your hands and strong organizational/communication skills, you should join a Triangle. Even if you don't get hired by Lifebushido you will gain lots of insight into yourself, your personality type, your strengths, your passions, and your sense of adventure. You will understand more about what type of work you would like and find rewarding. You will make friends. There were some challenging areas we came across. There is a ton of information to sort through and research, and some of the steps are confusing and redundant. There could be improvements but I'm not sure there should be. These were the defining moments for the team where different folks had to step up to figure things out. Maybe just noting that up front so frustration levels stay low is enough - something like “the path through the Triangle is a challenge. You will come across some areas where you need to figure things out. Take this opportunity to use your team and work together to figure things out.” This might actually be an area to develop a bit more because, although some of us had roles defined, aside from the Lead and Scribe they were very fuzzy and did not have defined tasks with deliverables. I would suggest at least one “role” specific deliverable on the timeline for the Visionary and Connector.

  • Ashlee Hughes, Daytona Beach, Florida, Advantageous Triangle, 02/27/16: I joined triangle after an invite to lead a group by Steve. Before beginning, I read up on the triangle and decided this sounded like a great idea and experience. The outcome and experience was not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for a group of people from many different places that could share their hopes and dreams as well as mistakes in life. The triangle would be a confidential place where we could feel safe to talk and encourage each other. I'm not sure everyone joined the triangle for the reason it is meant for, since it is a requirement for hire in Lifebushido. I do see the great benefits of evaluating and “weeding” folks out through the triangle and to see how they follow directions, respond, work together, meet deadlines, etc. Our outcome is that we have 2 people left in our group (including myself) of 5 and we are working to finish our project now. I don't think a person should join if they are not serious about working for Lifebushido, are actively looking for the next best opportunity to come along, or someone who is not an independent, self-starter. People who join a triangle should understand and believe in the Lifebushido purpose/mission, be open to growth and change, be willing to meet deadlines, conduct themselves professionally, respond to emails in a timely manner, and have the ability to work with others. Because we are left with only two people in our triangle, it is definitely making it a bit more challenging to finish our project, but we will manage. I have enjoyed getting know the people in my group even though many dropped out. I love the idea of the triangle and look forward to trying it again in the future.

  • Susan Johnson, Sanford, NC, Wizards At Work, 3/20/16: I joined the triangle because it was a requirement as part of the New Hire process. I became a leader because I am a Key Assistant and it is a requirement to be a leader of a triangle. I think that our triangle did great considering the differences in people, their locations, and their home life situations. We had people who held regular jobs and had to do triangle work at night; we had someone who lived in Africa and we had another person who lived in Canada. We had a wide mix of people in our triangle. The triangle idea is great for people who can spend the extra time to get to know others, work with others virtually to complete a project, and can keep a good calendar of important dates. This is not a good fit for someone who isn't willing to pull their weight. It also isn't a good fit for someone who isn't organized and can't navigate the wiki to find the information that they need. One of the main challenges that we faced were that some didn't turn in work on time and it put extra work on me as the Leader to step in at the last moment and do someone else's job. I think that the triangle idea is a great start to getting a job at Lifebushido. If you can't keep up with the tasks and can't work with people virtually, then a job at Lifebushido is probably not for you. Some of the things you do for the triangle are some of the things you will face when you actually start to work.

  • Amelia Shepherd, Stearns/KY, Seven Virtues, 02/23/16: I joined a triangle because it rose the chances of being hired, and also because I thought it would be a great experience to participate in. I decided to become the connector in our triangle, but then our leader had to drop out, so I volunteered to be the leader to help our triangle keep going and not have to start over. I believe that our triangle did great considering the circumstances with our previous leader having to leave. This is good for someone looking for work, that has the motivation to put into it. If you don't want to put 100% into your work, you don't need to do this. The only challenge we really had was the original leader leaving, other than that it was a great process.

  • Loriann Hamelwright, Mesa, AZ, The Ground Breakers, 04/24/15: I joined a triangle because of the New Hire requirement. I was also required to be a leader as a Key Assistant New Hire. We didn't get our triangle started till the 10th of the month, but were approved as a late start triangle. This sped up the triangle process, which was nice, but a little more challenging to get things completed by the deadline. My team did very well with the Triangle process. We only had 4 members (a 5th dropped out at the beginning) but I think it was a little easier to get responses from people and get things done with less members to contact. We didn't have trouble getting responses from members. Everyone stayed on top of the process for the most part. To have a successful triangle, each member needs to be able to work independently and then contribute their findings to the team. If you are looking for billable hours right away, completing the triangle process first before being hired, is probably not the best way to go.

  • Akshay Chawla, Delhi, India 08/20/14: I was interested in part-time work because it gives time flexibility. We don’t have to commute thereby saving time and money. It is good for those who are not looking for full time job. If someone is planning to have full time job, then he should not try this. Impatient people should also not try this as lot of patience is required. Persons who don't like to read should not try this as lot of reading is required to be successful at Lifebushido.

  • Shailesh Lovlekar, Mumbai, Maharashtra India 08/18/14: I was looking out for job which gives can me an opportunity to work remotely across the globe, where I can utilize my skills efficiently and can gain knowledge with continuous learning. While doing my research on internet I landed to your website “”. I stared reading reviews and I found that, this company is actually impressive all over the web. On 6th of June I have posed myself in Members Seeking to Join a Triangle. By last week of June I received a mail from our triangle lead “Sophia Miller” inviting me to join the triangle. The process seems quite tedious initially but since the day passed we started enjoying our work. I started doing thing which I have never thought about, In fact I would say I have learnt so much in these 30 days that will last for ever. All our triangle members were wonderful and I am glad I found it.

  • Julyette Berry, Cheverly, Maryland USA, 07/31/14: I was invited to join a Triangle after I applied for a position with Lifebushido on June 17, 2014. I reviewed the Triangle page carefully and submitted my information. I received an email from Sophia Miller inviting me to join her Triangle. I accepted her invitation and became the Visionary for our Triangle. I chose to be the Visionary because the role suited my personality. I'm a trained life coach so I know how to inspire and bring out the best in people. In addition, I'm currently working 25 hours per week so I didn't want to compromise the integrity of my work products by taking on too much at one time. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have worked on a team like this before when I was in graduate school to obtain my MBA. I felt the stress and pressures of the due dates. Each task seemed to arrive fast and the days felt like they were really moving quickly. I really had the challenge of organizing my time to accommodate a Triangle of diverse members from around the world. The Triangle process is a good fit for someone who is incredibly organized, driven, passionate, takes pride in a job well done, and competitive. The Triangle process is not a good fit for someone who prefers to work alone, is easily stressed, doesn't respond promptly to emails, doesn't see the big picture, can't take direction from others, not detail-oriented, not a risk taker, and has difficulty with sharing the credit for Triangle work products. The challenges and problems stemmed from making accommodations for Triangle members in different time zones. We scheduled Google Hangouts with everyone's availability in mind. Since I am new to Wiki pages, I discovered that they need to be more user-friendly. There is a learning curve when trying to figure out how to access the information.

  • Sophia Miller, St. Catherine, One Global Cogitate, 07/29/14: I became a triangle leader on the recommendation of my Mentor. The triangle process posed many challenges which I have never faced and a new challenge opens our minds to new possibilities, new skills and talents that were once hidden. I was in a group of leaders and so the challenges I thought I would have faced did not happen. The only issue we really had was the factor of time zones. We worked through this as team, making sacrifices so that those who were farther ahead or behind could participate. I think the triangle process is a good fit for anyone who wants to know how will they can adapt to sudden challenges and work in a diverse field.

  • Rita Strang, Fulton IN, Life Purposes Triangle- Updated 05/01/14: I am a KAT and MA in training. I was hired as a fast track KAT. I chose to lead a triangle on the advice of Steve when we spoke on the phone as a recruit. He offered me the KAT position and advised me to lead a triangle. I have had a great time with this group! The communication and involvement has been just awesome. I was not sure what to expect. And was a bit anxious at leading. But this group was perfect for me to build confidence. Everyone has been extremely active and open with each other. We have learned to help and coach each other as a group and personally. If you are not used to working virtually I think that a triangle is where you should start! It offers you the bonds and contacts that you get to know personally and you will be able to connect with them ongoing. Triangles may not be a great fit for someone who is used to working alone and enjoys that, whom does not like to open up to strangers.

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  • Barb Ragan, Independence, MO, Equilateral Vision Triangle 5/17/17
    I started my triangle experience in October 2014. I had applied for a position in September and I received an email to join a triangle to improve my chances of getting hired. My triangle started out with 5 people and it is now down to 2 original and 1 added members. The triangle experience was great. It really helped to have other people there to help you navigate and give encouragement when needed. I started out as the scribe and ended up as the leader. The triangle process has changed since I started, but it is still a great way to be introduced into Lifebushido. It also helps you to decide what role would be good for you and where you might fit.

  • Rita Tuhairwe, Kampala/Uganda, Enrichment-Chi, 05/17/17: I worked with Lifebushido for 2 years before I joined a triangle not knowing the benefits I was missing. Joining a lifebushido triangle connects one with like minded people since everyone writes a little background about themselves as they look out for a triangle to join. This helps to connect people with same interests, talents and desires and a triangle becomes more of a family circle where the members share and help each other in all capacities. You can never get lost, once in a triangle.I decided to join as a member because I don't generally like the limelight, I always want to do perfect and help in any way possible but behind scenes. I have developed great writing skills and thought the scribe position would be the best fit for me. It so happens that all members in my triangle are amazing persons with very inspiring life stories and though virtual, it feels like we are part of a big family, knowing support is around whenever you needed it. I highly encourage everyone to get engaged and join a triangle, it's a great way of connecting and inspiring each other - ushering in hope that everything is possible.

  • Joanne Engel, Cincinnati, OH, The Limitless Triangle, 12/2/2016 This is actually my second experience in a triangle. My first was with Creative Spark, which was nice while it lasted, but the members kept leaving the company. I was then invited to join the yet unnamed Limitless Triangle. I had a wonderful time with the initial tasks, the getting to know each other and such. However, when it comes to the latter task, the contacting customers, I am not having such a great experience. I originally applied to LB with the understanding that I could remain behind the scenes. Making these phone calls is a stress producing experience that is not pleasant. I’m trying to screw up my courage enough to finish the project. I am, by nature, a backup singer. I don’t want to be the star, because I shrink from approaching people. My innate shyness is a crippling hindrance to success in a project like this. I can research all day. I can write all day. I can enter data all day. I can even ANSWER phone calls, or call people I know all day. Taking the initiative with a stranger is a whole other thing. I guess if I went in for analyzation, I would find some hidden experience in my childhood that gives me this incredibly frustrating fear (yes, fear) of approaching strangers, in person or by phone. I’m sorry to be such a crybaby. I’ll try to finish the project. Perhaps, if the purpose of the Triangle system is to create more callers, it’s out of my league. Otherwise I love having contact with the other members of the Limitless Triangle.
    == ==
  • Dannett Frey, Hendersonville, NC. Encouragement Building Confidence - 8/18/14 My experience is much the same as it was in March when I gave my feedback. I am still friends with Janine and Yang two of the original triangle members. Our friendships began with the triangle and as we became busier our friendships evolved to be more of a respect for each other as co-workers and friends. I believe in the triangles as a valuable part of the experience as it gives you a support system from the very beginning. I believe everyone benefits from the triangle experience. Here is what I wrote in March The experience with the triangle was nearly perfect and flawlessly accomplished. What I mean is, the right person contacted me and asked to join the triangle I was leading. She took on the role of connector and did just that, connected people to our triangle. The other members fit in well with our triangle and we are all as different as night and day. We have unique talents, personalities, backgrounds, and all of us have chosen to pursue this job and triangle opportunity. We completed our tasks and our creative project within the time limit. We have developed a bond and have enjoyed getting to know each other. It has made our New Hire experience less overwhelming as we have had each other to talk to and encourage each along the way. I took the initiative to start a triangle as a leader as this is natural for me. However, I could not have picked these women any better and cannot take a bit of credit for our union. I would suggest everyone take time to join a triangle and complete all the tasks. It really does assist in giving you an accountability group and support during the first days of Lifebushido (we are all beginning our second month at this time). There were some confusing items on the Triangle checklist. However, between the triangle calls and emailing Wendy it has been quick to find the answers to one's questions. Of course, if you find something that is confusing and you receive the answer you are encouraged to make sure that the information is corrected for the next person. That makes everyone accountable for making triangles a success.

  • Yang Wu, New York, USA. Encouragement Building Confidence - 8/19/14 I like our triangle so much. I have very good experience for completing Newshido Task. Now our triangle members work in different team, but we still keep the friendship, help each other. Dannett shared her Ishido project with us, gave me some idea for my own project. I feel very close to our triangle members when we work for same client. I read the pom that Dannett and Janine wrote in Lifebushido Newsletter. I'm proud of them, as they are our triangle members. I think triangle is very important for newshidos, it helps newshidos make friends and help each other for tasks and even after working with Lifebushido.

  • Janine Brown, NY, Encouragement Building Confidence - 8/21/14 I am so grateful for my triangle. I had such a great experience with my triangle. I made friends with both Dannette and Yang though out the process. Yang happened to reach out to me to join the triangle and it was the best decision ever. Through my triangles help I was able to establish my own unique talent and go from there. I am still in touch with Dannette and Yang and we have all found our way and are able to use our unique talents. Looking back its funny how none of us knew each other or what one another could bring to the table, it is as if someone hand picked us. Who knew people with such diversity could make such a great triangle!

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  • Marla Robinson, Humble, TX, Love is Life Triangle, 8/30/2017: I did not want to be a Triangle Leader because the Scribe role fit me to a tee. But after going through four leaders in two triangles I decided it was time for me to step up, because I knew I was not going anywhere else because I was already hired. Being a leader is way out of my comfort zone, but I did it, and I am so glad I did. The ladies in our Triangle have been an inspiration to me, and even though I know I was not the greatest leader, they pushed me forward and encouraged me along the way. I have come to love these ladies and wish them the best in LIfebushido and any other endeavor they embark on. It can get pretty overwhelming with being in a Triangle, going through the hiring process and other trainings at the same time. My advice is to breathe, use the Checklists available to you and you will be fine.

  • Alicia Nicholson, Englewood, NJ, The A Team, 12/29/16: Upon finding Lifebushido on a WAH website, I immediately started the process to get hired. I remembered reading that joining a triangle was a requirement for the hiring process so I signed up. After about a week of trying to join a triangle as a member with no such luck, I was encouraged to be a leader and therefore decided to start a triangle. I was able to find members right away and instantly we formed a bond. The triangle experience was great and provided us with a source of support as we went through the hiring process. This is great for someone who is committed, organized, and works well with others. This is likely not the best position for someone who is looking to earn money fast, work on their own, or who is not very organized.

  • Kristin Dolinar, Cleveland OH, Slivers of Nature, 02/24/16:
  • I've had a great time with my triangle members. I decided to create my own triangle to get experience being a leader, as I'd love to move up to a KA or TL one day. The outcome was far better than I could have ever imagined. We were a late start triangle and I thought we'd be extremely rushed and cutting it down to the minute but my fellow triangle members are incredible. We got things done and we got it done quickly, without taking away from our final project. Everyone helped, gave their opinions and worked together to make our project a reality. I couldn't be happier with my triangle members. They are a wonderful, hard working group of ladies that I hope to stay in contact with after this journey ends.

  • Maekeshia Smith, Hyattsville MD, The Muses Realm, 09/27/14:
  • Being in the triangle has been both rewarding and challenging. I recommend this experience to anyone that wants to understand the inner workings of Lifebushido, wants to meet new people and work towards self improvement. The reason why I joined the Triangle is because it was required. In order for the Triangle experience be a successful one, I would recommend giving someone 30-60 days before or after they are hired. I did find the tasks for new hire, interviewing, taking tests for departments as well as completing tasks for the Triangle time consuming especially since the work for the Triangle is not billable and you are learning the workings of the company. As this is a part time position, and being in the Triangle is voluntary it should not overwhelm anyone to where they are spending more than 3-4 hours daily combined of new hire and triangle tasks, in addition to any additional projects such as training and tests. Therefore, if you have other commitments, please allow yourself the time to deal with both. I think the members of my Triangle are amazing, I have learned so much and it is great to see how people whom have never met, come together to create something meaningful and powerful.

  • Lisa Furry, Los Angeles/CA, The Muses Realm, 09/26/14:
  • My advice would be to definitely try not to over think things. Many of the questions can lead down long philosophical discussions and that can be difficult to manage while also working on any other tasks you have been assigned. Honestly, I only participated in the Triangle because it was required. I would have much rather waited until having worked for sometime, adopted a rhythm to a new life schedule, and felt better able to dedicate the time required. This came at a very busy time for me and I was not prepared to lend it much thought. I feel like I didn't get out of the experience what I could have because of the demand on me to participate. A more organic process would have yielded more positive results. Other than that, this seems like the kind of task that would be handy for someone looking to expand on themselves and careers. It definitely was a sort of 'life coaching' experience and it was nice to meet new people sharing common goals.

  • Teresa Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, Triangle Yume, 06/30/14
  • I was encouraged to join Lifebushido Triangle during my New Hire Process. I was reluctant to try this experience at the beginning as I could not imagine how strangers get along virtually during the period of 30 days. This Triangle experience has changed my mind and I am convinced that Steve is right - this unique experience will definitely change your life positively
  • After carefully reviewing Leader’s roles and Members’ roles, I decided to become a Member as there are a number of tasks to which I could not commit. Attending to Drive Call is one of the tasks that I may not committed.
  • For those who wish to become Triangle members, after posting your self-introduction to the Triangle Wiki Page under section Members seeking to join triangle, actively send personal email to leader who you wish to be your leader to express your interest. Do not just leave your introduction on the wiki page and wait until leaders come to ask you to join their triangle. I also would like to highlight that your triangle can start either on the 1st or the 5th calendar day of the month but the triangle days of operation is according to the calendar day, i.e. Day 1 of triangle day is the 1st day of the month.

  • Gina McNeill, Bend, OR, Life Purposes Triangle 04/30/14:
  • The Life Purpose Triangle already had a number of members and the roles were taken up at the time I joined. I joined as a member. What happened in our group was that the Scribe dropped out early in the month. This role was not immediately filled, but our Connector, Deanne McCoy took on the responsibility of the scribe over time.
  • I went into this experience without any expectations. It was an interesting experience of getting to know a group of strangers through daily emails. There was a bit of fun as our personalities developed through our words. We never chose to talk on the phone as a group, partly due to our different time zones. I think we did very well in terms of getting this project completed. We had many emails, sometimes it got crazy but in the end it worked out. I am pleased with the outcome.
  • I think the best types of personalities for the Triangle experience are those that put the group first, not their own personal desires. In a group of strangers who develop relationships over time, there has to be give and take. In the end, the project must be put first in order to achieve the task. Luckily in this triangle - we had a number of members who wanted to be of service. Helping was more important than being first.
  • The previous comments said it all. The wikis need to be updated. The directions at times can be confusing. It can be difficult to get eight members all on the same page, especially when it is all done via email. I feel that we overcame our difficulties and were successful. Our wiki page is worth a visit.
  • Deanne McCoy, Grand Rapids Michigan, Life Purposes Triangle 04/28/14:
  • I joined a triangle because it was recommended through the New Hire process. I had already been accepted by the calling team but wanted to explore the triangle experience as well.
  • I have served my triangle as Connector, and after our Scribe took a leave of absence early on, also as Scribe. In the beginning, I considered starting my own triangle, but when I saw the number of leaders seeking members vs. members seeking to join triangles, I concluded that it would be best for the triangle community if I sought to join a triangle under someone else's leadership.
  • I really wasn't sure what to expect of this unique experience, but I have found it to be richly rewarding. It was great to get to know a global group of people who are also interested in Lifebushido. Because we have all been drawn to LB, many of us have similar unique talents, and yet within our 8 active members there is also much diversity. The experience has been 100% wonderful, and I am grateful to have made some awesome new friends in the process!
  • If you are a good communicator, creative, determined, a “team player,” and flexible, you will LOVE the triangle experience. If you prefer to work solely on your own as opposed to in a group, if you have difficulty communicating with others, if you need to be told what to do next instead of taking action independently, or if you need things to go your way and find it difficult to bend to other people's ideas and ways, this will NOT be an ideal setting for you. Also, you must be PATIENT and willing to invest the 30 days for rewards that are 90% intangible and 10% material.
  • The biggest problem we encountered was the many outdated wikis. This was compounded for us when, in the middle of our triangle period, the triangle task checklist was updated and we didn't know it right away. DON'T just go searching for a wiki with a similar title to the information you need. Follow the links in the triangle checklist to make sure you're getting current information. And even after your triangle has a working wiki of its own, keep checking back on the main triangle wiki to see if anything changes there.

  • Beth Cooper, Vinemont, AL, Life Purpose Triangle 04/01/14:
  • It was recommended to me that I join a triangle through the New Hire process.
  • I have enjoyed the process of the triangle and getting to know different people around the United States and around the world as well. I have applied for the calling team and will be starting my training within the next few weeks, which I am VERY EXCITED about!!!
  • People have to be able to work together in a triangle, respect differences and ideas. You have to be able to communicate, because if you are not, then this is DEFINITELY is not the job for you. I love the fact that I have had so many people in my triangle that have been more than eager to help me by email, g-talk, or even by phone with ANY questions that I may have had.
  • The biggest two problems that I had were that sometimes the instructions were not 100% clear and outdated Wiki Pages.

  • Melina Hunter, Merced, CA Triumph Triangle, 03/26/14:
  • I decided to join Lifebushido’s recruit triangle after viewing the You Tube video by Steve. When he stated, this experience will change your life; I listened to my intuition and came on board for the journey. Plus, I wanted to increase my chances to be hired because of my interest in the company as well as liking the Lifebushido concepts. I considered becoming leader at first; however, I opted to take on the visionary role because at the time that was better suited for me. I decided to team up with the Malinda who was the Leader of the Triumph Triangle because after reading about her, I believed we would work well together. I am impressed with the outcome of the Lifebushido Triangle experience. I had the opportunity to meet and work with great team members. It was great to experience how the team worked together as well as how much we have in common even though we are in different areas of the world. I learned a lot about Lifebushido visions, structure, and opportunities. Through this journey I learned a lot about my potential and what it is I really want out of life. I enjoyed working with the Triumph Triangle and going through the task. During the triangle process, I was hired on as a Sales Caller. I enjoy working from home. I am able to earn an income, spend time with my family and friends, express my artistic side in addition to achieving goals that I have made through this process. I am grateful to be a part of this experience. I am looking forward to growing with Lifebushido and utilizing my unique talents in sharing with the vision. This experience did change my life.

  • Kay-Ann McKenzie, Kingston Jamaica, Diversity Triangle, 28/08/2014:
  • I really wanted to increase my chances of being hired hence following the steps and joining a triangle was necessary. Of course there were challenges along the way and at first it was very over whelming, but it all came together and it got easier and I learned a lot about myself and how to work better within a group- sharing ideas and concerns. It's my first time working online and I'm still getting a hang of things but I look forward to all the possibilities that awaits me. *Diversity Triangle wiki page: *Diversity Triangle Project:

  • Rio Alacida Permito, Philippines, Diversity Triangle, 09/04/2014: Joining Triangle has always been great part for me in the application process of Lifebushido. Meeting new people with diverse personalities and experiences has great factor on attaining Lifebushido's vision, Anything is Possible. I am a reserved type of person but I learned here to explore myself. Be willing to share time and ideas, read a lots, don't hesitate to ask, are some key points to succeed on your triangle experience. Diversity Triangle

Please use this format: Name, City/State :(Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

  • Alyssa Lopez, Sacramento, CA, Triforce Visionary Triangle, 07/30/18 : I really enjoyed this social experiment and being able to communicate with members, even though you are so far away from each other. It really challenges your ability to manage time and organize your work. I decided I wanted to be a supporting member for my group, because I know I thrive best in supporting my teammates when situations start to change or differ. As a result I started as a Visionary in my group and stepped up to being a Scribe when other members started to leave for various reasons. I quickly took control and went to work on the duties that needed to be fulfilled as a Scribe. I take great pride in making my team shine. This really was a great way to not only set expectations of what a stay-at-home job might require, but also how to stay connected with others. It was never the same day twice and new challenges might arise, but it is those hard times that show you what you are capable of!

  • Angela Scanlon, Tucson, AZ, Eager Leaders Triangle, 04/11/2017: This experience was like no other I have ever encountered. I enjoyed it and will tell anyone that is serious about work from home to give this a try. I have worked for myself for years at home and this opportunity is unique in itself. It is a great way to see who is serious and what talents they bring to the table. I am a Leader of Eager Leaders Triangle. Each of my team members where amazing to work with. Each of them were offered jobs with Lifebushido. I am so proud of all of them. They are great, positive ladies. I have much more to learn and I welcome the knowledge. Our facebook @ Virtual World. I share my thoughts about Lifebushido and myself! This is a great way to showcase my skills and talents while working from home! I am very happy I made the cut! Thanks…Angela

  • Rachel Truax , La Porte, TX, UpLifting People Triangle, 02/27/17: I formed UpLifting People Triangle as the Leader after speaking with Sarah Tudor and Steve. Both encouraged me to continue as a Leader, even during my Mother's illness. Sarah, and Jenny Good, helped me to work through initial tasks to get our Triangle running smoothly. The process did have some rough spots, including losing two of the five members. I made strides in personal growth as I struggled with what would be the consequences for my team mates if I lagged behind or failed to lead. Lifebushido sent me an early job offer, which I appreciated. However, I had to defer the offer for almost two weeks while struggling with wiki pages! When our visionary member, Salman Zaman, stepped up to the scribe position, I was able to get back on track as a New Hire. Yes, I was discouraged at times, but I learned to ask for and accept help, which was hard for me, a small business person who is used to doing it all, to allow. I learned to delegate and not worry (well, maybe a little!) about my team mates doing their part! Lifebushido is the right move for someone who can think outside the box. For those people who do not want to break away from punching a time clock and working 8-5, Lifebushido is the wrong move. Those individuals who are not or can not be self-starters will feel very frustrated as they work through Lifebushido.

  • Margaret Normeshie, (Birmingham, AL)Tycoons Triangle, (02/07/2017)- I joined the triangle in the hope of getting hired at Lifebushido. Moreover, it is also a requirement that would make it easy for the hiring team to determine my unique talent. Joining the triangle was a great decision because you will learn to relate to new people from all walks of life, share your experiences and also learn from their experience. I was able to quickly learn the visions and missions of Lifebushido through the triangle process. Although it looks like a journey, the outcome was better than I assumed. The leader did a great job by keeping us all up to date and on track. We support and encourage each other in every way. The triangle experience is a great opportunity basically for those who like to learn from others and develop new skills. I'm glad I agreed to take the chance even though l was hesitant about the 30 days process.

  • Alison Devonish, (Brigetown/Barbados) Better Together, (01/31/2017)- I joined the triangle because it is a requirement in the hope of being hired; also it seemed like a really great way to meet new people. I decided to be a member because it would give me a better outlook on the whole triangle experience without the added pressures. The outcome was better that I hoped, the members of my triangle are really great and our leader did a fabulous job of keeping us up-to-date and on track. Looking back I’m glad I decided to take the chance since I was skeptical of why this was needed to be done, but not that I have completed the 30 days I understand why they did it this way. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is wants to experience a new way to work at home. If you don’t have a mind set to learn from others this isn’t the place for you.

  • Courtney Stewart, Pittsburgh, PA, The Limitless Triangle, 12/01/16 - I became part of a triangle because it seems like a good bridge for getting to know people within the company as well as others who are applying. It is a great support system as you go through the journey of exploring Lifebushido. I decided to be a leader because I enjoy leadership roles and am interested in being a leader within Lifebushido. Because my mom is an employee of Lifebushido, I pretty much knew what to expect from my triangle experience. There were definitely some frustrations and we were sad to lose people along the way, but I enjoyed getting to know the committed people in my triangle and found them to be an encouragement. The people who did best in my triangle were people who had a good balance of being able to follow directions but also take the initiative and make things their own. People who are willing to be open and build relationships fit well with Lifebushido. It is more of a challenge to be a successful triangle member if you are too much of a private person or if you have trouble communicating regularly and asking questions when you need help. I was able to successfully maneuver the new LG99 project, but it was a challenge for me, as the true goal of the project is to 'sell' BAB to people. As a newshido who doesn't know tons about the company yet (or just a hopeful newshido as some of my triangle members), it was difficult to represent BAB well to people and sound confident about it.

  • Tera Battaglia,Rio Linda, CA. Life Out Loud, October 10,2016. I held the role of scribe for my triangle team. The triangle process was really great. I have really learned a lot about myself and have been able to put my goals into perspective. I feel like I can know achieve my goals. I also had the opportunity to meet some new people and learn from them as well. Our leader Tamara was wonderful. She was dedicated and made my traingle experience a memberable one for me.

  • Tamara Muncy, Toledo, Ohio, Life Out Loud, October 10, 2016: I had the privilege to lead this amazing Triangle. I found that working with a group that was just as committed as myself to this learning process made the weeks fly by. The assignments and exercises were a wonderful way to experience the Lifebushido culture and to find out about myself and others along the track. This was also a great way to challenge my thought processes and inspire my work skills to find my unique talents and explore how they can best be put to use. I would highly recommend the Triangle experience, and especially to take on a leadership role. You will build relationships that last a long time, as well as find your own unique talents and place in this organization.

  • Faith Corbett, Dream Makers, 09/28/16: The process of participating in the Dream Makers triangle taught me a tremendous amount about myself, and especially showed me that I have quite a bit of “untapped talent” that I wasn't even aware of. I especially enjoyed the personality profiles which gave me a whole new perspective on who I am and where my strengths lie both professionally and personally. It both inspired me and challenged me to develop my creative talents as well as setting goals to stay on track with the growth I was experiencing. It taught me how to develop and maintain confidence in myself and my talents to achieve my goals in all areas of my life. I felt both productive and appreciated which has proven to be the icing on the cake with maintaining my feelings of self importance. I would recommend the Triangle experience to anyone seeking self improvement.

  • Jamie Phelps Colorado/USA, The Expansion Collective, 08/25/16: I found the triangle fun as well as fast paced and overwhelming at times. I worked with a fantastic group. All are dedicated workers who are compassionate. I learned from each of them. I believe that if you are going to participate then go all in and be present in the process. Stay up to date but don't try to do it all at once. There is an abundance of information. It starts making sense and coming together as you go.

  • Jasmine Kaloudis, (Philadelphia, USA), Masterminds, 05/26/2016) : I think with the triangle roles it needs to be abundantly clear (and repeated) that the Leader role will be in a position to heavily impact hiring decisions. The Triangle process is to provide community and support and when there is a huge power dynamic then you feel very conflicted about helping your fellow members versus making hiring recommendations that might reflect badly on you if the person doesn't perform up to LB standards.

  • Emily Foster, Ravenna MI, Spirit of the Mountain Triangle, 4/26/16: Being involved in a Lifebushido Triangle was a very fun and challenging experience. I have had the pleasure of being in 2 triangle now and both were very separate and interesting in their own ways that I very much enjoyed. I learned a lot about myself through the process, learned about what I was really good at and could handle (which was a lot more than I thought!). I got to meet new and wonderful people from all different places and perspectives and I actually made friends! :) My advice if you want to get the most out of the experience (and get hired) is to make sure you are very effectively communicating and make sure you are checking your email frequently. I think some of the instructions on Wiki could use some work, so also make sure you are double and triple checking information so you are doing everything correctly. Don't be afraid to reach out for help, either. This was a huge difference for me between my first and second time in a triangle. Ask questions and don't be discouraged. And have fun!! :)

  • Naomi Stacy, Lake Elsinore, CA, Tenacious Triangle, 4/25/2016: I joined the Tenacious Triangle for the month of April 2016 and have enjoyed my time in the triangle. It is a great way to get to know yourself better as well as those you are going to be working with. The triangle gives you a group of people that are either going through the same things as you in the hiring process or have been hired and are a great resource. The hiring process can be confusing at times and frustrating and overwhelming and so to have the others for encouragement, to ask questions and help remind each other to stay on track is helpful. It is great for those whom believe in living a positive life wanting to change themselves, become their best selves and work on becoming their best selves; you get to know yourself, what you want and what you are good at. If you are not interested in any of these things the triangle might be too much for you as there are tasks to be completed that revolve around becoming a better you.

  • Lauen Morrell, Portland OR, The Seven Virtues, 02/23/16: I decided to join a Lifebushido Triangle because I applied to Lifebushido on the recommendation of a friends wife. She has worked for Lifebushido for a few years and said she enjoys the flexibility it allows her in her work schedule. I was looking for something similar so I hopped online and began the process. When I joined The Seven Virtues triangle, I chose the role of Visionary because I thought the description of the role fit my unique talents and mindset. When I first began Lifebushido, I found the wiki a little intimidating as there is so much information and cross information. Since it was new, it wasn't 100% clear where one should look for specific information. Once I dove in and started to look around, it became less intimidating. The Triangle was great as I feel that we all seem to work well together. We started with the challenge of losing our Leader early on. We managed pretty quickly to fill the role and didn't miss a beat in keeping things going. It was a little confused at first while we all readjusted to the new situation, but quickly fell back into a good rhythm. I feel that Lifebushido is not for someone who is easily overwhelmed or intimidated. You need to be willing to take initiative and read as much as possible. If you don't have the patience and curiosity then it's probably not a good fit for you. Also, you need to feel comfortable working both on your own and with a team. As a company Lifebushido seems to work well for people who are good communicators, motivated and are able to work well with other people. I found it's important to explore the wiki as much as possible as it does contain quite a bit of helpful information. That being said, since there is so much information, it is sometimes easy to miss certain key pieces of information you might need, because you have to filter through many links to gather all the information for a particular project or task.

  • Lori Brown, Hutchinson, KS. The Ground Breakers. 4/24/2015: Joining a triangle was a requirement of Lifebushido, however, I am happy to say that I have enjoyed our triangle very much. I am a team member on The Ground Breakers, Loriann Hamelwright is our leader. Our team is amazing, I feel as though we have been friends forever, we work well together, keep each other informed, and everyone is so very helpful. Girls, thank you. I am blessed to be working on our triangle tasks with such a great group of people!
  • When I first joined our triangle, I was in member status. I soon became our teams' connector.
  • The outcome has been great, I have met wonderful people who are there for each other and for Lifebushido as a whole, we want everyone to do well and excel. I am not sure what I expected, however, I am very pleased and proud of our team.
  • Anyone who wants to work with others, sharing about themselves, while learning about others on the team should join. Be dedicated, and think towards Lifebushido's future and your future, what a wonderful career we all are fortunate to experience.
  • There is so much information, that keeping everything straight sometimes became a challenge for me ( while training, I was also doing new hire and newshido tasks). Just keep asking questions, everyone is interested in your success and they will help you find your way!

  • Debi St. Clair, Lobelville Tn., TriangularKinetics, 1/27/15: One of the requirements to be hired with Lifebushido, was to join a triangle. I read all I could find about a Triangle. Still was not sure all of what it entails. I am so blessed to be the Connector for TriangularKinetics. What a wonderful Triangle Group. The diversity in this group, I believe has made us successful. It has given me a great opportunity, to chat with, and learn about the members of the Triangle. Their personal stories, work ethics, and the difference in all of us from around the world. I would tell everyone to join a Triangle. It does take work, and dedication, to fulfill the tasks set. But It also lets you to bring out your creative side, business side, and personal side. It allows you to also find out things about yourself, that will help you in in your daily life. . It was a great experience, and I would encourage everyone to join a Triangle.

  • Mike Frey, Hendersonville, NC, ThePursuer'sGroup, 01/24/15: I was hired by lifebushido and one of the requirements is that you must join a triangle, and I will admit that this is the last thing that I wanted to do, I just wanted to earn some extra money. So, I reluctantly joined a triangle. The first triangle I joined fizzled out before even starting, so I thought I would start my own, however that didn't work out for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons it didn't work out was that if you are going to join a triangle you are going to need to commit yourself to putting in a lot of time. My advice for anyone thinking of joining a triangle would be to read all of the requirements that it takes to complete your triangle and the time frame you need to do it in. Also, if you plan on being a leader of a Triangle, try and interview the people that ask to join your Triangle to gauge their commitment. I was very fortunate that the The Pursuers Group let me join their Triangle midway through and because they did I was able to experience what the true intent of a Triangle, to bring people from around the world and all walks of life to get to know each other and and learn to work with each other to create something positive together.

  • Marie Walton, Memphis TN, ThePursuer’sGroup, 1/24/2015: I was unaware of Lifebushido Triangle when I began the job application process with Lifebushido. Being introduced to it, of course, I immediately recognized the worthiness to pursue the global, social experiment that involved 5 to 8 virtual peers with the objective of defining your unique talent(s). Advised to form a Triangle was another type of reaction, for I demonstrated signs of reluctancy. Following Triangle’s introductions, all hesitancy disappeared. I was organized, focused, and prepared, in which all virtual peers responded with their kindness, as well as in a timely-fashion. If you decide to sign up for Lifebushido Recruit Triangle, however, I would advise. As we made progressed in terms of completing our exercises, a few members ended their participation. Lifebushido Recruit Triangle is not for everyone if other priorities will keep you occupied. If your availability is opened, then “lifebushido-triangle” recruiting process will be a great fit. Lastly, challenges rarely occurred among Triangle members; although, we asked questions in terms of clarity on few of the exercises. When I made a mistake, as the Triangle leader, everyone was supportive. Overall, we made it possible for everyone to have a great experience, such as sharing feedback, accepting each other’s recommendations, and exchanging ideas.

  • Sandy DeSeignoria, Puyallup, WA, Curious Ishidos Triangle, 10/31/14: This was a phenomenal experience. It was an experience I was hesitant to try for many reasons, but because I wanted to move forward as quickly as possible through the Lifebushido process, I became involved with the Triangle and I am very glad I did. It was an extreme challenge trying to prioritize the work between all the New Hire Tasks and the Triangle Tasks as I was the Leader of the Triangle which encompassed a lot of responsibilities. However, I had a fabulous team to work with and everyone cooperated and worked hard so we could produce a quality product that everyone could be very proud that they were apart of the Curious Ishidos Team. If I had but one piece of advice to offer to anyone that wanted to join this experiment it would be to prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize some more and you will be just fine, then sit back and enjoy the adventure.

  • Ashley Leslie, Aiea, HI, Triangle Yume, 06/26/14: I decided to try this social experiment of Lifebushido Recruit Triangle, not only because it was recommended to me, but because it seemed like an experiment that I would enjoy. I already knew that Lifebushido was a company made up of global associates, allowing me the opportunity to work with people from other countries. I have previous experience with working and communicating with people from around the world, so it was something that I looked forward to participating in. I decided to be a member. I didn't want to commit to a Leadership role that I knew I couldn't carry out to the best of my ability because of certain circumstances. I think so far the Triangle has gone the way I expected in terms of responsibilities and tasks. I think this would be a good fit for someone that is creative, patient, focused, exercises great communication skills, and flexible. I think this would not be a good fit for someone that has a difficult time putting thoughts and ideas into words, not accustomed to working virtually, prefers to work alone rather than in a group setting, and opposed to allowing the mind to be open to imagination and creativity. I think one problem with the Triangle is the timeline. I had a mix up with the dates. I think it should be made clear to each Triangle what their start/effective date is. I would say literally sending an email stating, “Your start date is June 1, 2014.” I think it would also help to make certain that each Triangle understands that, no matter the start date of your Triangle, there will still be tasks due on Day 10, Day 18, Day 20 and etc. So if one triangle starts on June 1, and another Triangle starts on June 5, both will have the same task due on Day 10. The Triangle that started later will have a shorter amount of time to complete the task. This means the start date of the Triangle does not correspond to “Day 1”.

  • Bernadette Figueras, Paranaque City, Philippines, Life Purposes Triangle, 5/06/14: I joined the triangle as advised to increase the possibility of being hired then I was given a link to the triangle wiki page. I did not know what to expect in the process. It took a while reading and re-reading the wikis in case I would miss out some information I needed to know. It was an exciting experience getting to know the team through the daily email threads. Each one was unique and creative that it made me look forward to reading the email threads. Everyone has been so helpful trying to encourage each other with the project ideas. I enjoyed every moment working together with the team.

  • Richelle Malapit, Caloocan City Philippines, Lifepurposes Triangle, 05/04/14: I decided to join a triangle due to New hire process requirements. I decide to be a member because during that time I still have my day job and I felt that it would be hard for me to lead a triangle with my schedule. I just go with the flow; I never expected to have a members and leader that was so amazing. I’m really hesitant to join in the triangle but my fellow members and leader so understanding that in spite of my busy schedule and commitments they still time to show concern not only for the triangle concern but like a person to his friend. I also want to thank them letting me continue being part of the triangle. People who are committed and patient in dwelling with instruction and communication between each member are the GREAT FIT for the triangle. Also, people that have an idea how to work virtually can easy adopt with the environment. And people with exact attitude would NOT be FIT. It’s not about whom among the brightest but rather counts for those who are very willing to try. Challenges or problems like conveying of the instructions. Some are confusing.

  • Malinda Kopec, Flint, Michigan, 8/19/14: I joined my triangle as a triangle leader several months ago. I like the triangle concept because I learned a lot about myself through exercises and working with a diversified team. I believe it is a great hiring tool since it really does enable the dedicated and relentless personality to excel while those that are not as willing will fall by the wayside. It was a challenge that was very fulfilling to accomplish the steps! I am now a new caller and am enjoy the atmosphere of support that Lifebushido offers. There are many resources who are willing to assist if needed. I enjoy working hours in between my other job and the ability to set my own hours. Lifebushido has offered me an opportunity that I think would be impossible to find elsewhere!

  • John Sserubiri, Kampala ,Uganda 8/20/14: I joined my triangle (Triumph) early this year in March 2014.I enjoyed working with the team especially that we were all from different backgrounds.The hiring process impressed me so much.My challenge has been the caller time(s) being in East Africa we are seven hours ahead and most times I have missed the calls with Steve because at the times of the call Am usually exhausted. Otherwise Am in the lead management team and I enjoy my work which I have to do in my own time,that is the best thing with Lifebushido.

Please use this format: Name, City/State :(Town/Country), Triangle Name, Date (MM/DD/YY): Share your experience and feedback.

  • Sierra Kaiser - Kings Mountain, NC - The Scalene Triangle - 03/29/2018
    My experience so far in Lifebushido has been wonderful! I love the hiring process and how different it is. Not many companies put so much effort into hiring their employees and making sure that they are not only thriving at their job but enjoying it as well. The Triangle experience has been wonderful it has taught me so much about myself and I have met some very wonderful ladies from all over the world! I have very much enjoyed my time as the scribe of our triangle; I love organizing and paying close attention to details. I would recommend the process to anyone looking for at home employment or anyone who just wants to find out who they are deep down.

Aruna Das, Bangalore, India, The Talented Tycoons, 04/29/2017

  • i joined Lifebushido since i was looking for stay at home job that provided flexibility and a stable career. I have just started my journey joining a wonderful Triangle called The Talented Tycoons and so far it has been wonderful interacting with members and completing tasks. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who love work-life balance and still find time to do things they are passionate about.

  • Houda Fouli, Tunis/Tunisia, Vertical Limit, Date (03/28/17): This is an experience that I felt was interesting as soon as I read the Lifebushido vision. And as the days were passing by, my curiosity was nourished and I enjoyed every task, every day. Being recruited wasn't my first objective, because of our miserable country regulations against paypal! Yet the journey was exciting, and meeting new people was a pleasure. But because I still have a full time job that I keep for a few months, I didn't want to committ myself to the leader's position. So I applied as a member. So if you are like me, curious, self driven, passionate about the 5 lifebushido vision secrets (check them here ), thriving to learn more about yourself and about self development, and especially not bothered to receive and send dozens of emails with people you have never met, nor spending time reading pages and going through links in order to execute a task with very precise instructions, this is the place for you. I haven't yet reached the point where my account starts to see an earning, but I do have complications due to my Global situation, and know I might never be able to get paid. But it's worth it: knowing myself, creating annual and monthly goals, going through exciting checklists, staying awake at night after a long day, in order to write a short paragraph about my ideal job was definitely worth it. I loved it.

  • Muhwezi Sam, Kampala/Uganda, Better Together, 01/31/2017: I found out about lifebushido in 2013 from a workmate and she introduced me to it but I didn’t join immediately because my job at the time was too demanding. After I resigned that’s when I joined and I must say it has changed my life. Like being accountable to my team and the people around me, there is fun, fulfillment and talent discovery. Given the distance among my teammates in the triangle people work together like they in one place, the sense of belonging is what motivates me, and am happy to be a part of this grate team

  • Sabrina Brown, Jamaica, The A-Team triangle, 12/27/2016: I originally found lifebushido in March of this year and under went the triangle process as a means to earn additional income. This being my second triangle I went on the journey with new faces and formed relations from distant places and learnt more about myself that i didn't know was there and allowed me to become more keen to being a go getter that strives to start and complete task. Lifebushido itself is a challenge that trains you to tackle things head on and drive for success.

  • Larry Johnson, Evansville, IN, Expansion Collective Triangle, 08/26/16:I found LifeBushido when I was looking for a work from home job to supplement my income. As I was reading about LifeBushido and their vision, I was really intrigued with this company. I even read some testimonial. I was still a little hesitant about applying because the company seemed to be geared only toward women, and work at home moms. As I was reading through the vast amount of information on the company I did run across a male name. So I thought other than Steve there is at least one other male. So I decided to apply. The application process was new and different, and a little intimidating. I know now that the process is designed to target the applicants unique talents and gifts in order to get the right job fit. I did not get the job that I applied for due to lack of experience in outbound calling. However I was encouraged by the talent team to continue in the hiring process by joining a triangle, which would improve my chances of being hired next time. Again this was a new experience for me. I decided to join as a member because at the time I felt I could not devote the necessary time it took to become a leader. I was contacted by a triangle leader and came in at the connector position, which seem to best suit me. The triangle task were very interesting and eye opening. I have since learned a lot about myself and am now on the road to some necessary changes in my personal development. I am fortunate to have a great leader and very talented triangle members. If you enjoy interacting with people, and want to learn more about yourself, this is a great opportunity. You will not only develop new friends, but may even make some money at the same time.

  • Claudette Pendleton, Glenwood, IL, Expansion Collective Triangle, 08/25/2016: I stumbled upon Lifebushido while looking for a home-based position within the real estate industry, and I saw that they were hiring. The application process was very new and different and sometimes very intimidating, but the more I read about the company and its vision, the more interested I became. Joining a Triangle group has turned out to be a lot of fun and has given me a lot of insight as to what it is I really enjoy doing in life, why I do certain things, as well as where I would like to see improvement in my life. I've enjoyed all of the challenging tasks we've had to do in the Triangle, and I've enjoyed meeting new people in different states. It's amazing how we all seem to be just the right fit for our Triangle. I like how we encourage and share our past and present experiences with one another as well as how we work together to get the Triangle tasks completed. The Lifebushido Triangle experience has turned out to be a really great and helpful one for me.

  • Faith Corbett, Oxford NC, Dream Makers Triangle, 08/25/16: I ran across Lifebushido while looking online for a work at home option. After running across Steves' information about the book “The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die” from happy seniors and reviewing the The Bushido Code, I realized this was something that would be worth my time and effort to learn about. As I approach “senior status” I have come to understand that these things are now more important to me than just bringing home a paycheck. At the time I had literally NO experience with any type of virtual work, real estate or marketing. But since I have some time on my hands these days I decided to apply for Triangle participation and learn about LB, discover my unique talents, and determine if this is a fit for me. To my amazement, I was contacted by Donna the very next day! Excited, I jumped right in with both eyes closed determined not to sink, but to swim.I have to admit I was quite lost and overwhelmed at first, but our fearless leader was a rock and provided guidance and patience as our team was formed.I have learned so much about myself through this experience and I have grown very fond of our team.We are all very committed and professional in our communications and approach to the Triangle and have endured the learning curves together. I can honestly say I am proud to be part of the Dream Makers Triangle. The Triangle concept in all is a wonderful way to “ get your feet wet”, but just like any other learning process could benefit from closely monitored feedback, updates, and organization.I think perhaps the vast amount of information on the wiki could be more condensed and streamlined to be more user friendly. Being in a Triangle has been a very positive experience for me. If you are ready to make a change in your life and truly believe in the seven virtues of the Bushido code, then participating in a Triangle will open many doors you did not know existed.external image cleardot.gif
  • Mindy Atlakson, Westminster, CA, Masterminds, 05/27/16: I took on the 30-day Triangle experience and met the most sweetest of women. Within 14 days we had become very close, emailing back and forth daily, bouncing ideas and tasks off of each other while getting to know each other. This 30 days is not for the weak hearted. It is very rigorous and precise, so if you're someone who has a difficult time concentrating and do not do well with paying CLOSE attention to detail, this is not the job for you. There are a few areas that Lifebushido can change to make this experience easier such as, making the Lifebushido wiki website just overall softer on the eye to navigate through and more user friendly. It tends to be a bit daunting trying to find something on here haha. Also, to make thr Creative Project timeline more clear. At first my Triangle were told that we needed to complete it within 30 days and now we're told it can be completed in three months. So just to be more clear on their answers. Other than that, this experience has been challenging and pivotal.

  • Tijana Cekic, Brooklyn, NY, Game-Changers – 05/25/16: I embarked on the 30-day Triangle experience as I felt strongly drawn to Lifebushido’s approach and vision and wanted to join Ishido ranks. I also expected this to be a valuable experience in learning more about myself and further exploring the optimal characteristics of my ideal calling and it certainly has been. The tasks comprising the Triangle challenge have been helpful in providing a good framework to that exploration and often quite interesting to do. I chose the role of a Leader for the Triangle challenge as it connected best to the position I was applying for but also as it reflected what I already do in my current work. The experience so far has been valuable and I enjoyed the first ten days of our Triangle’s daily interactions in particular. I’d recommend the Triangle experience to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and Lifebushido while picking up valuable tools and techniques for a more organized and productive work and life. The process does require some time every day to more deeply reflect on various aspects of one’s experience, habits and character traits and a Leader should especially be prepared to set aside a couple of hours each day to both complete their own tasks and make themselves available to assist members and advance the group process.

  • Bathsheba Khosa, Famagusta, Cyprus, Game Changers, 5/25/2016: Lifebushido was referred to me by a friend, after doing some research about it I decided to join a triangle and go for it. This experience has been one of a kind, it has been both uplifting and fun at the same time. I loved interacting with my triangle members, working on tasks and doing a project together. It has also been a benefit to me personally by helping me set goals and working towards them and also enhancing my time management skills. Being in a triangle is a positive support system.

  • Sabrina Brown, Jamaica, Game Changers 5/25/2016: I embarked on the triangle journey as it was a requirement by the company but that being said it is a great principle for hiring workers.The various tasks allowed me to do serious self-evaluation and prioritizing. It tested time and it taught patience. From this, I was able to meet people from different walks of life who let you in to see a glimpse of their daily lives. I believed it would have been some really difficult task to complete however, it was really simple. I really look forward to the daily emails and sharing with my fellow triangle members.

  • Marianne Alacida, Philippines, Game Changers, 5/25/2016: Joining a Triangle is a good motivation for me to widen out my horizons and share my thoughts with different people. It was really fun to exchange emails and interact with them. Lifebushido's process is a great tool to enhance our potentials and ideals by way of communicating to other individuals. I learned a lot too in this process and I hope to share more as the Triangle process progresses.

  • Iva Janevska, Skopje, Macedonia, Tenacious Triangle, 04/25/16: I decided to try this social experiment of Lifebushido Recruit Triangle because it was part of the hiring process. As I was reading about this experiment it got me more and more intrigued. I wanted to be part of this unique experience even if I didn’t get the job. I chose to be a member but our scribe drop off and I signed up for it. At first I was afraid since English is not my native language but the girls from my triangle offered to help if I had any concerns. Before the whole process began I thought that we should make some kind of a creative project, I didn’t know that I was supposed to share stuff about me. I found out that it’s easier to talk about your dreams and hopes with strangers who do the same. While I was writing my perfect job, goals and unique talents I became more aware of myself. Now I really know what I want from life and I feel fulfilled. I think that everyone should try this Triangle experience, it’s truly unique. Just make sure you have 1-2 hours a day, it takes time to verbalize your thoughts.

  • Kelli Ford, Los Angeles, CA, Seven Virtues, 02/24/2016 – I initially joined the Triangle because I wanted to learn about myself and it also gave a better
    chance of being hired. I was looking for a position that I could work from home part-time. During this process I was one of the Scribes and it worked out well, we both contributed to all the duties assigned. I feel this triangle works, because it allows individuals to complete tasks individually and then collaborate to make a finished project. This would be ideal for someone that has a lot of patience through this process, it’s not a traditional job where you just apply and see if you get the interview and then get hired. This process exposes all aspects of Lifebushido and where you would fit. I didn’t feel any of it was difficult, just keep in constant communication with your group, even if you get behind due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Zebulon Goertzel,Silver Spring,MD (United States), Seven Virtues Triangle, 02/24/2016: I decided to join a Lifebushido Triangle in the hopes of being hired by Lifebushido. I was intrigued by the concept and uncertain of what it would actually involve. I found that it did not require too much work, which was my main concern. It culminated in me writing a poem which I liked. I ended up choosing not to work for Lifebushido for a number of reasons, even though I was hired, but decided to finish the Lifebushido Triangle anyways. It was an enjoyable experience and helped me get a job offer, but I wouldn’t want to do it again unless I was being paid.

  • Joy Lima,Columbia,SC (United States), Seven Virtues Triangle, 02/24/2016: I decided to try the triangle experience because it is an integral part of the Life Bushido hiring process. I chose to be a member because I felt that I did not have the considerable amount of available time necessary to be a leader. As far as the outcome, I found that I was actually able to complete most of the tasks in less time than I thought. I also found it rather enjoyable working/collaborating with others towards a common goal. Personally I think that in order to be a successful triangle participant one has to be driven, self-motivated, a good communicator,and not afraid to dig through information and figure things out. I don't think the triangle experience would be good for people who are new to technology or have trouble staying on task. My main challenge so far has been navigating all of the various wiki pages. There are so many pages and sometimes the way they are organized can be a bit confusing. Oftentimes times this has caused me to spend a great deal time trying to figure out where to find the information I needed.

  • Terri Verlinde, State College, PA, USA, The Ground Breakers, 04/24/15: I decided to join a Lifebushido triangle because I was interested in the social experiment aspect, and increasing my chances of being hired. I have been amazed at the diligence and competence of the members, and it truly has been a life-changing experience! Being a part of a triangle has been an invaluable way for me to learn about how the company operates, and to get an idea of whether or not working for Lifebushido is something that I would like to pursue. After this experience, I must say that working with Lifebushido is a unique opportunity that I would like to continue! Being available, staying on task, and keeping regular communication are essential to a successful triangle.

  • Rosalind Wright, Norlina, NC. USA, Global Thinkers, 03/29/2015: My experience being in a triangle was very new to me. I worked in a group of people that helped and cared about each other. I had seen this advertisement before about Lifebushido in the past about job opportunities, and I did not sign up because it was a 30 days hiring process. I felt like it was too long to go through that. Now, I saw this advertisement again, and I decided to sign up this time and go through the hiring process to see how it work. I learned how to write goals, take personality tests, and collaborate ideas with one another in a group. These 30 days I learn things about myself I did not know that was possible. In my opinion, I think everybody should have the experience to be in a triangle group once in a life time.

  • Katie Bevels, Fayetteville, TN USA, Global Thinkers, 03/29/15: The main reason that I decided to participate in the triangle experience was I liked the information on Lifebushido website about the organization. I chose to be a member in the triangle with the roles of visionary and scribe. The decision of leader versus member was one I placed a lot of thought and I made the final decision based on this type of experience was new to me and I wanted to learn from the ground up. I was expecting a formal group simply focused on completing work and not concerned with their triangle members. The outcome was a group that worked well together, took time to get to know each other, and connections made among the triangle. The triangle experience is perfect for a person looking to view their life outside the box or traditional employee view. The triangle experience is also great for the person who is unsure of where to go in life or with their career. The month of triangle provides great insight and an indebt look at a person’s life and career path. The triangle experience is not for a person seeking a traditional job, that needs constant supervision, and a person that does not like brainstorming or thinking creatively. The challenges of the triangle experience is the first few days of the triangle the communication can overwhelm a person and many of the wiki pages leave you with questions about the instructions. This is where you triangle members step in and help resolve your issues and help motivate you to continue on towards success. From the first day the triangle experience is a time of growth and self discovery.

  • Mary Connolly, Port St Lucie Florida, USA. Global Thinkers Triangle-03/01/2015
    I decided to apply for Lifebushido after many months of research of “working from home” employment; I knew there had to be legitimate jobs from home out there. I joined all the most popular job boards, and Lifebushido kept coming up, as a “very well-known company”. After applying, and receiving the application, I was impressed by questions on the application being “down to earth”, which I feel most companies should want to know about their employees, and not the normal standard test.
    I decided to join the triangle as a member, because I was unsure of what the triangle consisted of yet, I did not want to make any mistakes in the beginning. I was asked to join a triangle by Scarlette Stenger. As our leader, she made it very comfortable for me, and introducing me to the rest of our amazing triangle. I looked forward to our daily emails from each other, and our weekly chat sessions. I think to succeed in the beginning process of Lifebushido, communication is the key with your triangle members, and you do need time to put aside for that. Because it is not your “normal fill out an application”, and take a test, It is in-depth of finding out more about yourself, and your triangle members.

  • Glynis Ferm, Las Vegas, NV, ThePursuer'sGroup, 1/25/2015: I heard of LifeBushido years ago, applied and never got past the application process. I obviously didn’t have enough experience or what LB was looking for. However, when I came across LB again in these past few months, I was ecstatic to receive Steve’s email regarding joining a Triangle. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and thought this is my chance! I feel that Steve’s approach to the hiring process is brilliant and unique in itself. It is the only application process that I’ve encountered of its kind! The process alone in belonging to a Triangle entails self-growth and a deeper self-awareness in which we are forced (in a good way) to dig a little for the answers and to truly discover our goals and ourselves at a deeper level, awakening the inner giant that we all have within us to become empowered! Being a part of an LB Triangle has also taught me about communication with others from all over the world and how to work as a group, bouncing our individual ideas off each other and taking a little bit of each of them, combining them into a gorgeous final product. I’m very excited to remain a part of this LB journey and to continue on with this extraordinary experience!

  • Maxine Wright, Bremen, GA, TriangularKinetics, 1/25/2015: I joined a triangle as part of the hiring process with Lifebushido. I started out as a leader but was having problems getting members; so, I joined TriangularKinetics with C. J. Walker as leader. I have been in management a long time and have been in a lot of group projects and growth seminaries; yet, I can truthfully say, I have never been in a project such as this. I started as a member and was asked to be the scribe for the group. That in itself was a learning experience but it also let me get to know each member better. We had a great group and everyone worked together, helping each other and never tried to show a “better-than-you-attitude”. There is a lot of information to grasp, instructions to follow, and deadlines to be met. I found if one of our team was treading water or sinking, someone would jump in and help get them back on solid ground. I experienced that myself, and I think that action is the true meaning of teamwork. The assignments were fun, fasted pace and revealing. I do not regret doing this. It taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to work with people from other countries, and for a Southern country gal that was quite thrilling. I do think a person should do this only if they can be committed, have time to give and not be looking for quick rewards. The triangle experience is like the company that operates it, very unique. If you are looking for something different, then give it a try. You will begin a journey that you hope will not end in 30 days.

  • Azeem Siddiqui, Karachi / Pakistan, ThePursuer'sGroup, 01/24/2015: Lifebushido triangle, as of now is something that I have loved being a part of. First of all, I got to know new people and I got to learn about how to work with different people, living in different places in the World. It is quite amazing to be a part of a group where different people from different backgrounds with different priorities are working to achieve the same goal. Being a part of this experience is “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” for me and I hope I will have a great part to play in the future for Lifebushido.

  • Jennifer Baum, Brookfield, CT, Curious Ishidos Triangle, 10/31/14: I joined a triangle because I am in the application process with Lifebushido and I wanted to be challenged to grow more as a person. I chose to become a member because I felt that I did not have enough experience with Lifebushido to lead a team. At first, I was nervous about having to create a project with people I never met before, communicating solely by email. In the end, everything came together beautifully. Everyone communicated really well, took a part of the project and created something amazing. I learned just how important it is to communicate and to not be afraid to speak up. I really felt comfortable voicing ideas through email. As a result, I feel this experience would be good for people that are shy or nervous to speak in front of people. I think the biggest challenge that I witnessed was watching some of my team members going through the triangle process while completing new hire training and tasks for Lifebushido. They became overwhelmed trying to stay on top of everything.
  • Joan Nampeera, Uganda,Yume Triangle, 06/27/2014: It has been quite an experience. Being a virtual experience I expected bigger problems and challenges however, the challenge was mostly in Communication. I have gained support from everyone in the triangle and a lot of help. My team was comprised of individuals in diverse time zones but this has not hindered our involvement and participation to complete the tasks given. Advise to those who want to become leaders, please put up constant, effective communicative channels.
  • Carolyn Miaral, Calgary Alberta, Life Purposes Triangle, 04/29/2014: Becoming part of a triangle is somewhat daunting at first yet undoubtedly rewarding. Though, I was the last member to join the on Pinterest. Learning how to use Pinterest is among the technical skills I've learned. The best part is that beyond the creative project, I've met and can count on team members who have become my friends and mentors who share their talents and enthusiasm in learning.
  • Michael Hearn, Life Purposes Triangle 04/2014: I received good assistance from members in the training process. I am in the process of looking at teams for job opportunities so plan to give more feedback after that process. Thank You to Lifebushido for the opportunity.
  • Omagor Joseph Gulu, Uganda Leader TeamCandA Recruit Triangle 01/02/14: I joined the social experiment of Lifebushido Recruit Triangle because personally I believed I was (and I am) fit to work for Lifebushido. I decided to become a leader because there was only one person (Nicole McQueary-N.E.O.O) posting as Leader and almost everyone else wanted to be a member, and yet the leader had higher chances of getting hired, so I took on the challenge. I expected my members to be very enthusiastic about the tasks, but I was wrong. Some members did not just understand the tasks however much you gave them the examples from other people…It was discouraging not to submit the tasks on time because someone did not complete their share. But some members were simply awesome, and I pray they get hired.
    This is good for partially or unemployed but ambitious and hard working people, with my experience as a team leader, if one is already having an eight hour salaried job then they should not even try. This needs your time to learn how things are done, on the first task one may really take a very long time on a task that can be done within an hour. To people who are unemployed and are willing to learn, this is a great opportunity to make some paper-Go ahead, try it!!! The problem I faced as a team leader was majorly getting the members to complete their tasks on time, the time difference was also a challenge. And to people looking forward to becoming leaders, please recruit people from within the same time zone. Here is what we were able to come up with
  • Valerie Winfree – Recruit (Visionary) TeamCanda 01/02/14: I enjoyed my experience so far with Lifebushido. It has given me the opportunity to trying doing things that I never thought that I would be able to do. I had a slow start in the beginning because I was really not sure of what I was doing but once I got the hang of it I enjoyed completing the task because they took me out of my box and I learned how to do things that I didn’t think I could. Because my team was made up of individuals in other parts of the world with different time zones we have never really had a conversation and really haven’t got a chance to get to know each other but I did have a chance to interact with the Leader Omagor Joseph Gulu a little. Not being able to interact with my team did not discourage me, it actually allowed me to learn things on my own but I knew that if I needed assistance that it was only an email away. Thank you Omagor for choosing me and allowing me to be part of your team. “TeamCandA”
  • Delia Arias - Franklinton, LA - The Muses Realm - 09/27/14: I chose the Lifebushido experience because it was something new and different. It has been an overall positive experience. It does allow you to learn something new and different, as well as meet and work with, new positive, interesting people from around the world. It gives the opportunity to learn about others, yourself and the work involved. Anyone who is interested should try the experience. I appreciate the opportunities it has afforded me.


  • Taunton, Ma, Discovery Triangle- 8/3/2013: I am doing monthly Goalbushido. I currently have my own business and am currently subcontracting for another VA in Florida. I have applied to join a second team of subcontractors and I will be starting a remote worker program in mid-August and leading a team of workers.

  • Francine Pollaci, Patchogue, NY, Peace 4U Triangle 02/01/13: I decided to try LB triangle because of 2 reasons – the first was that I read about LB in a magazine article that listed the top 5 legit WAH companies, and I recognized Steve’s name as a very successful business man, the second was that I financially really need to supplement my income. I decided to become a Leader because I didn’t see anyone that was posting to be a leader when I first got to the LB triangle pages, and I also wanted to ensure my success.I really had no expectations in the beginning, but as I read through the 1 – 30 days I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know how I would get through it; but I saw others did – I knew I could. I recommend this experience to people committed to giving not just their time to robotically go through a series of steps; but someone who is motivated, not afraid of change, being open to different ideas, working on a team, finding your creative side and challenging yourself. The best candidates to become part of Lifebushido need to be good communicators, people that don’t rush through tasks, are open to learning new things, and have good time management skills or can master them. The challenges I found were mostly as a leader and having to make the difficult decision to have a member be removed from the group. Although I would like to see that person succeed, the decision had to be made for the good of the many/company which outweighed any personal wants. Regarding improvements; one thing that was a little confusing was that Goalbushido, Orange Passion and Time Management are the same. As a recruit and learning the terminology; you think you are missing something when e-mails will come in using one title and then another in a different email. The 30 day process is extensive when you are unfamiliar with LB as a whole. It’s also tough because it's 30 days non-stop, no account for weekends. Although the time you need to work on this is a few hours a day at most, you still need time management skills. I found that after day 10, I could breathe a sigh of relief. The benefit of this though is almost like starting a new job and going through the ‘first 3 months’ and the learning curve. Peace 4U Triangle

  • Springfield, MO - Trinity Triangle - 01/02/13: To be honest, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to join a triangle. I thought I would just add my name to the QuickBase, and then wait to see what would happen. After looking back, I am so glad I made a last minute decision to join a triangle. I wanted to be hired, and it was recommended that joining a triangle would increase those odds of becoming an associate. Once a part of our triangle, I was able to really start digging deep within the wiki and was able to learn so much more about Lifebushido and how it works. When I initially started looking over the recruit triangle page, I thought about becoming a leader, but I wanted to join a triangle quickly, so I found a triangle leader who was still accepting members. We immediately started emailing back and forth and everything quickly fell into place. I took on the role as Scribe for our triangle, and found that role fit me well. I really enjoyed working with the two other members of my triangle and found we worked really well together. We stayed in communication daily, to keep each other updated. Joining a triangle is definitely for inviduals who like to work on a team to get a job done. If you like to stay in communication with others and enjoy bouncing ideas around and getting feedback from a team, a triangle is for you. If you would rather work alone and find constant communication with others isn't your idea of fun, triangles wouldn't be a good fit for you. If you have trouble staying on a timeline and are not able to meet several work goals throughout the month, being in a triangle is not for you. You have to be able to clearly follow instructions and stay on task as a triangle member. You can't drag your feet, because you have others depending on you. Our group faced a few challenges in the beginning with potential triangle members who weren't not able to follow through and keep in contact, so we had to drop them from the group. Once the three of us were established and figured out exactly what we needed to do each day, our group became a strong triangle. Being in a triangle is not easy and requires hours of work and dedication, but completing the process is a huge accomplishment and makes you much more ready to take on a role as an associate for Lifebushdio.


  • Dana Stanley, Four Oaks, NC - Collective Apex Triangle, 09/2012: I LOVED the Triangle Process. I enjoyed working with my triangle sisters while learning more about Lifebushido. I believe working in a Triangle made the hiring process less harrowing - we as triangle members were able to pull strength from each other, as well as ask each other questions and offer advice regarding our tasks and our Creative Project. Everyoe in Collective Apex hit it off right away - we are a hardworking, dedicated threesome who were able to get all of our tasks and the creative project done on time even though we started a little late! The suggestions I have are to always ask questions if you do not understand something, read, read, and READ again regarding the wiki, and, lastly, enjoy and bond with your triangle members. I wish my triangle girls and I lived closer together - I think we would hang out quite a bit. I learned a lot from the tasks, particularly the creative tasks involving audio/video/blogging/Jing, and Circle of Clients. I've hadn't used software like Jing before, and I really didn't know too much about real estate, so to get a taste of those were a learning experiences. The Triangle experience is definitely unique and fun!

  • Kasheia Williams, Kinston, NC - Collective Apex Triangle, 9/4/12: I decided to join a Recruit Triangle to 1) get a better feel of the type of work Lifebushido does and how the company operates and 2) to increase of chances of being hired by demonstrating my potential. The Triangle process was amazing. My Teammates included Dana Stanley and Shani Range. They were both AWESOME and incredibly driven ladies, which made our hiring process very easy. We were able to work together and get things accomplished easily and on time. I personally did not decide to join as a leader, mostly because I knew at the time I could not dedicate the time and responsibility to be a triangle leader due to other obligations. I think that anyone who enjoys a democratic way of working together, who is driven to do work on their own as well as group work would be perfect for this job. The triangle process is conducive to people who want to work hard, be creative, take initiative and who don't mind working alone or being part of a team. I would not recommend the Triangle process to anyone who is not able to compromise, who can't dedicate a significant amount of time to getting work accomplished or who have a hard time being creative and brainstorming with others. But I would also suggest that anyone who is considering Lifebushido to at least give joining a Triangle a try. Most of the challenges came from becoming acclimated to the wikis and Lifebushido's way to doing things. It is very different and requires reading and comprehension skills, but as a team we were able to push through and be successful. Dana and Shani are amazing partners and I really hope we will work together more in the future!

  • Cindy Vance, Apple Valley, CA, Discovery Triangle: The 30 day triangle was very interesting. I had a great time being the leader of a great triangle team and discovering what Lifebushido has to offer. It was a great opportunity to began to see how Lifebushido operates. As I am now officially hired, I can't wait to dive in head first. I appreciate what this company stands for. Check our our Discovery Triangle page:

  • Elizabeth Cotto, Spring, Tx Jiritsu Triangle, 8/2/2012: These thirty days, working as a team, were a unique experience. Working with talented people, across distances, developing a creative project, was a great deal of learning. We learned how to discover our talents, share ideas, integrate knowledge, plan and develop a project, and most importantly, remain focused on our goals, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We ended up discovering a lot about ourselves, each one as a person, such as team and about Lifebushido. Working in a team from your home, with flexible hours and doing what you like to do, is truly something to experience, and it is hard to express the satisfaction you feel. I invite you to live this experience unlike any! I'm Spanish speaker. That is why my preference was to work as a member and not as a leader. Even so with more difficulty with the language, I think that these thirty days were a great deal of learning for me. Lifebushido helps you to grow not only in profesionall but also as a person.

  • Kelly Welch, Bozeman MT, Sakusei Suru Chimu Triangle leader, 8/2/2012: While looking for work-from-home opportunities I came across Lifebushido. The name caught my eye - it was very different from other companies - and that was only the beginning. The Recruit Triangle experience was unlike any other pre-hire experience I'd ever had. To be honest, there were times when I thought of packing it in, but the thought of letting down the other people in my group kept bringing me back. Now I realize that it was just as much their support as well as my commitment to them that kept me going, and it was worth it. I'm a Team Leader Trainee now, and I work with the Marketing Team, mostly focusing on Online Marketing tasks such as blogging and editing. I'm able to use a mix of my strengths and interests to create real outcomes for our clients, and I work from my own home. What's not to like?

  • Springfield, MO, Dice Triangle- Update 8/2/12: I am now the TL of Email Marketing after being with LB for only 5 months. I focus solely on being TL of about 23 Ishidos and 20ish clients and Marketing Assistant to about 7 clients. I no longer work in Client Services either as of end of June. I love being on the Marketing Team and really love being a TL. It's a lot of work, but I have learned ways to further my organization skills to help. Wouldn't change it for the world.
  • Update 1/6/12: Since being hired in Sept 2011, I have joined the Client Marketing team and more recently, the Client Services team. I am a Marketing assistant, Team Leader of Seller Marketing, and a Client Services assistant. Last month I worked the most hours yet with Lifebushido, tallying up almost 49 hours! The best part about working at Lifebushido is that I can work form home, when I am able to and when I want to. For the most part I work during the afternoon while my kids nap. I don't have to sacrifice time with them to earn a paycheck. Another really great thing about working here is the other Ishidos are very helpful when you're a lost Newshido. I had tons of questions! Lifebushido has so many great people working along side you and all are eager to give advice when needed and to take up the slack when you need it, whether for an illness, vacation, or death in the family, all of which I experienced when I first starting work here. Steve as the president of the company may seem to confuse you at times, but asking for clarification is always best. He knows what he's doing, even when we don't. You have to trust that he knows best, he didn't build a successful company overnight and we're not going to learn everything about him and ourselves overnight either. He likes to include some fun in our all virtual environment and humanize it as much as possible. So far, I have found that in order to really succeed and excel at Lifebushido you need to be informed, ask questions, be proactive, be on time, follow directions, speak up, and manage your time wisely. It's worked out for me so far, and I can't complain.
  • 8/31/11: Being the leader of a Triangle has really given me the opportunity to exercise my brain and build my confidence more as a person. I have made 2 great friends along this journey, learned a lot about how to manage a wiki, blog, and facebook page, and what it takes to be a good leader. Technology has really enabled us as I say, to over communicate. Communication and total transparency within the Triangle is absolutely vital to helping one another and succeeding in the long run. My triangle is built of 2 other really great women. We all get along great and joke with one another like friends do, I am so thankful for that. I have learned a lot from this experience and am thankful for the opportunity to have gone through it. I believe everything happens for a reason, and Lakiesha and I joined forces first and Linda sought us out soon after …..all for a reason that was greater than we knew.
  • Montgomery,TX, Triforce Triangle leader, 8/3/2012: I began the hiring process in September 2011, by December 20th I was discouraged and had all but given up. Then I got an email from Steve asking me to join and even lead a triangle. I recruited other applicants to form Triforce Trianlge in January 2012. As the leader I was amazed to learn that I could encourage others to explore their own skills as well as encorporate each person's individual skills into a very diverse and cohesive group that by the end of the month would all be hired. I became a new hire in February 2012 as Client Services Assistant, Key Assistant Trainee, and Team Lead Trainee. The members of Triforce, Seikou, and Kaizen triangles formed the first Circle Microventure, and I was chosen leader. LG99 has been a blast to lead and also learn so much about. I was so excited. On February 2nd I trained for client services and was assigned my first client on February 3rd. I have loved each minute of CS. I trained for 4 weeks in the first FastKAT group and found that my CS training and experience had really helped me to prepare for my first KAT client. In addition to these 3 services I have done Craigslist posting, some showing feedback calling, and have recently join the closing box team. I have learned so much and continue to learn more. I think had I come in without having had the Triangle Experience I would have been intimidated and not been able to chose teams that fit my skills and would not be having the amazing time I am now!

  • Susan Wilkins, Morganton, NC Jiritsu Triangle, 7/31/2012: really feel good about the first 30 days. The Goals and the Triangle was a wonderful experience, My Team and Team Leader have been great to work with. As we started our triangle, we worked hard to get each task completed. I feel that everyone that wants to be hired by lifebushido should join a triangle and get some hands on fun experience. A Experience that will not be forgotten! I am now a New Hire!!

  • 07/20/2012 - I completed my Five weeks of Key Assistant Training. I've also applied for and have been hired on the Client Services Team and now awaiting training. August 1, 2012 - I began two day training with Client Services. August 2, 2012 - Completed Client Services training and awaiting testing. I have not yet received a client for the Key Assistant position as of yet.

  • I decided to try this social experience because I felt that it was a different approach to hiring people to work at home. It made me have a sense of believing in myself to be able to stick with something for as long as I have. 30 days is a long time to work and trust total strangers.
  • I decided to become a team member because I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into.
  • The outcome and results were better than I had expected. I made two new friends. I learned things about myself through the whole triangle process. Now that I am hired as a Newshido, I am continually learning the process and things to do next. As a person who strives to learn. This experience has worked out very well for me.
  • Patient people would be great at this process and its tasks. Impatient people please do not apply. If you are looking to make money fast, you will not find that here. The training process is very long. But rewarding in so many different ways.
  • Navigating through all of the different wiki pages was extremely challenging for me. So far, every person that I have talked to within the company has been super sweet and very helpful.
  • I joined Vision Quest the end of April. Our triangle officially became active as of May 1, 2012. June 1, 2012 I was hired by Lifebushido and Best Agents Business. So far I have applied to BAB Accounting Team and Key Assistant Team and was hired by both. I just received my first accounting task this evening, and trying to do my best at completing it efficiently and accurately.

  • Prescott, AZ, Universal Strategic Solutions Triangle 6/28/2012: I joined a triangle to improve chances of getting hired, but I also joined so that I could go through the experience with others. While I do enjoy working alone, I found the company of my triangle to be very motivating during a very lengthy and confusing process. Communication was strong and tasks were completed quickly. The integrity of our team made a huge difference in my desire to join Lifebushido. Those who would rather move at their own pace and not be bothered by extra meetings, more communication, and different personalities need not take the triangle route. However, if you want to challenge yourself further to see how well you can function within a small team - then go for it. I joined as a member, but did seriously consider leading a team. An added benefit to joining a triangle is that you will have a familiar team to move forward with once hired. You have an instant feedback source, sounding board and help. The biggest challenges were/are the overwhelming amount of information that is often difficult to navigate. Instructions are not always clear and contradict from one source to another.

  • Abisagi Namugenze, Kampala, Uganda, Vision Quest, 06/27/2012: On applying to lifebushido it was indicated that joining a triangle would increase my chances of being hired. The experience was rewarding in the sense that i metnew people and learned to work with different people from across the globe. The lesson to learn is a team is only as strong as the weakest link. If one does not deliver to the team the team can not deliver. We were accountable to each other which increased our sense of responsibility.

  • Brighton, Alabama, The Dynamic Stars Triangle, 6/27/2012: I saw an advertisement for Lifebushido on The Next Job At Home website and I submitted my application in June, 2011 and I didn’t receive a response until March 2012. The response was an email stating that I was eligible to become a part of a triangle which increased my chances of being hired and I was given a link to the join a triangle wiki page. After reading the information I was hesitant to join because I didn’t know what type of task I would be required to do or if I would be able to do them. After giving the thought of the triangle process much consideration I decide to step out of the safety net and into the water. I signed up on the join a triangle wiki page in April 2012 and was contacted by others who had signed up and we formed “The Dynamic Stars Triangle of which I am the moderator. I chose this position because it seemed to be a good fit for me at the time. The triangle was formed by a group of four (including myself) from physical locations as Alabama, Florida, New Jersey and Uganda, Africa. However, we spoke every week by skype and stayed in contact by email and (IM) instant messaging). Since our triangle was formed prior to the 20th of April we were ready to start on May 1st, 2012 and were assigned tasks for the first ten days which we completed on time. The triangle process consisted of three tasks periods assigned every ten days. Days 10-20 were not as smooth because of a lack of communication concerning the required task. However, we overcame the obstacle and again finished every assignment in a timely manner. Days 20-30 we created the Healthbushido blog as our creative project which was due on May 30th, 2012. On May 26th we were contacted by Steve Kantor stating that we made the next cut and was now required to complete an additional task. Again, we completed the task as required. I received my job offer email on June 3rd, 2012 and now in training for the position of Key Assistant which consists of five weeks of proactive training. I truly enjoyed the triangle hiring process and met wonderful people along the way. What were the chances of my meeting and becoming friends with someone in Africa? The triangle process allowed me the opportunity to do so and although I was hesitant to join I am truly glad that I did. Unlike the traditional application process the triangle experience was truly a teachable and enjoyable experience. However, the triangle process is not for everyone. It is not for someone who has an immediate goal of being hired and immediately earning a paycheck. It is also not for someone who is impatient and cannot work with others and unwilling to accept the leadership of others. You must be able to accept and respect people from all cultures as well as listen to their ideas and suggestions with an open mind. I believe the process could be improved by making applicants aware of all available positions at the beginning of the process, especially for globals, ensuring that everyone is aware of any application and position limitations.

  • John Muhimbise, Kampala, Uganda, Dynamic Stars Triangle, 06/23/2012: I joined Lifebushido mainly out of curiosity and its philosophy that encourages people to discover and utilize their unique talents. I must say I am not dissapointed as Lifebushido has exceeded my expectations in some aspects. I am naturally a people person and Lifebushido has given me an opportunity to connect and work in a team with wonderful people. We talk on Skype quite often and we do not necessarily confine ourselves to Lifebushido affairs. We've learnt alot from each other. One aspect of Lifebushido that's unsatisfactory though, is that it offers limited opportunities to global recruits which may be understandable at the moment since the current client base is primarily American. However, if Lifebushido aspires to be a global player it will have to work out strategies to attract and retain global talent!

  • Maryville, TN, Universal Strategic Solutions Triangle, 06/21/2012: I did benefit in the first 30 days and still am, from the consistent interaction, support and camaraderie that is exercised by my triangle. It is amazing how much harder you will strive to accomplish things, that you may have considered “out of reach,” before. Although, I am disabled, the group gives me the motivation I need to keep increasing in my abilities. They are indispensable and they are making me feel that important also.

  • California City, CA, Universal Strategic Solutions, 6/21/2012: I decided to join a triangle after applying to Lifebushido and receiving an email indicating that joining a triangle would give me a better chance of being hired. I joined the triangle as a member because at the time this suited me better. I am very glad I did because my experience with my triangle was terrific and I look forward to working on projects with them in the future. I expected to join a team for a project and ultimately be hired by Lifebushido and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The type of person who would benefit from a triangle is one who is a team player, is prepared to complete a lot of steps and has a strong desire to succeed. Those who would not be a good fit are those with limited time, prefer to work alone, and aren't good communicators. Our team was successful in part because of the amazing talent and also because we were excellent at communicating with each other. This helped navigate the confusion that often arose from completing tasks. It would have been good to know about positions such as Key Assistant, while we were in the triangle tasks so that applications could have been made sooner. Locating information on the site can also be challenging because there are times when you locate information, and then cannot find it again later on. I have just begun to apply for teams and complete my first 30 days with the company. I will update after my first 30 days.

  • Alysha Heers, Las Vegas, NV, Virtual Profection Triangle, 4/06/2012: When I first found Lifebushido on a work at home blog, I was very interested. I loved their positive vision and desire to help people find their unique talents. When I saw that joining a triangle was optional, but increased your chances of being hired, I decided to jump on it. I knew being hired was not guaranteed, but I decide to give it a shot anyway. Going through the triangle process was a lot more fun than I thought. I enjoyed being in a motivating triangle of 3 people. The triangle made me feel like it was all possible and we were going to be hired. For our big creative task, all of the March Triangles were combined to work on a eBook. I was excited to learn about creating an eBook and I enjoyed the whole experience. Joining a triangle paid off, because I was hired and so were the other two ladies in my triangle. Yes, it is an interesting hiring process, but you do learn more about yourself, and you feel more prepared, and excited to work for Lifebushido. Give it a shot, join a triangle!

  • Los Angeles, CA, Triforce Triangle, 2/11/2012: I never knew that an application process could be so fun! As others have said, I've learned about myself, others, and ways to incorporate everyones strengths and leaving the weaknesses behind. I loved the whole experience and I say go through it, if not just to understand more of what you're capable of in any working/career field.

  • Tanya Salgado, Whittier, CA, Triforce Triangle, 2/8/2012: I had the most enjoyable experience with my Triangle team. Not only did I learn more about myself, but I also learned a lot about the team I had the opportunity to work with. Each of us used our talents to complete our tasks and I feel that we worked well as a team. This was an experience I will never forget. Now that we were all hired I'm looking forward to our continued journey with Lifebushido together. Triforce Triangle

  • Ryan Harris, Eureka Springs, AR, Triforce Triangle, 2/8/2012: I had a great time during my first 30 days with my Triangle. We worked really well together and learned a lot about each other. Lifebushido is a great company and really do care about the people working for them and even those who are just applying. I wondered why the hiring process would take 30 days but now that I've gone through it, I understand it much better. I'm looking forward to continuing onward in my journey with Lifebushido. Triforce Triangle

  • Maryse Uriodain, Pembroke Pines, NY, Seikou Triangle, 2/7/2012: I had the most amazing experience with my Team Members. We got to know each other and work together on various taks. The process allowed me to recognize some of my unique talents and learn how special a company Lifebushido is. The Wiki environment was something new to me and it was a little confusing at the beginning. But by taking the time to real all the instructions, I've become more at ease with it. The hiring process is a long one, with lots of questions to answer but it is definitely worthwhile as it allows you to know Lifebushido's vision and activities better.

  • Katherine Smith, Fresno, CA, Seikou Triangle, 2/7/2012: I had the best experience in my first 30 days with my Triangle members. Using our unique talents, we worked together to develop new ideas. Before, I was aware of some of my talents, but throughout the process, I discovered I had more to discover. This experience taught me to really focus on my goals and take the steps to achieve them. I appreciated the commitment of my team members. Now we are all hired and moving forward to our next journey! Seikou Triangle

  • Debbie Day, Williamsville, NY, Seikou Triangle Leader, 2/7/2012: I have had the most amazing time in my first 30 days with the triangle. It has been fun and has allowed me to unlock my creative side. I never realized how creative I actually was until this process showed me what I could do. I have the most amazing women in my triangle. They are each unique and have their own special talents. I have gotten to know them through the process and have enjoyed working with them. We bonded together to make a strong team and accomplished our work and goals while staying committed to the Lifebushido Vision. We are now all hired on and all looking forward to what lies ahead of us in our journey with Lifebushido.Seikou. My mix of work now is Marketing, Blogging and Systems. I am really enjoying working with Lifebushido.

  • Michelle Fielder, Havre de Grace, MD, Kaizen Triangle Leader, 2/7/2012: I really enjoy working with my Triangle. I believe it was a valuable learning experience for all of us. I look forward to working with my triangle for a long time. I have just started as a KAT, and am looking forward to continuing my experience with Lifebushio. Kaizen Triangle


  • Sandra Short, San Lorenzo, CA, Cerebral Alchemist Triangle 11/10/11: The triangle I am in is probably the reason I am still here. It was a great learning experience for me as well as to meet new friends across the country for life. We completed the 30 day steps with a lot of support from each other, that was a major plus. We all completed the New Hire package and are now Newshidos. We complimented each other on the work we did for our triangle by daily emails and will be having our 4th chat. We are a real team with real team effort. Thank you team for all the support then and now. Find us on

  • Marlo Young, Altamonte Springs/Florida, Triangle Creative Spark, August 29, 2011: During my first 30 days with Lifebushido Triangle, I found frequent good communication, a positive outlook on things and good participation to be very important team roles. Implementation of these would bring about a good and successful triangle team. I have learned to deeper explore my talents and test my abilities to know and do more. Our team has worked together strongly, willingly and everyone has been positive and supportive. We Rock! I was accepted for leader training and now I am experiencing more of my inner capabilities. December 16,2011.

  • Littleton, CO, Creative Spark Triangle, 8/29/2011: What an amazing experience! Over the past 30 days I have had the opportunity to work with and really get to know 3 incredible women. I am so grateful for meeting these people, I have learned so much from them in our short time together so far. This Triangle Project not only allows you to work with your triangle members, but to get to know them personally, to form a unique bond with three 'strangers', who are so much more than that now. We all shared so much with each other, and together we used each of our strengths to build a powerful team. We work so well together by focusing on each persons individual talents and combining them to maximize our results. I found this project to be incredibly original, exciting and challenging. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! You can check out our final project here: WE ROCK!

  • Edith Brown, Flushing, NY, Creative Spark Triangle, 8/29/11: When I embarked upon this journey I was excited and curious about how being apart of a triangle would work. My expectations have risen far and beyond anything I could have ever imagine! For the past 30 days, this experience has been unique and taught me that teamwork can produce good results but the greatest accomplishments come from team players who are willing to share their talents to reach a common goal and at the same time, take a genuine interest in each other such as the incredible women I have had the pleasure of meeting within the Creative Spark Triangle. Also, while working on various tasks I had no idea that this arrangement would present the opportunity to establish great friendships in such a short period of time. There are many talented people in the world we live but they will never reach their fullest potential unless they try something “oddly special” such as the triangle process at Lifebushido. In conclusion, this has been more fun than work and our team, Creative Spark exploded onto the scene—what we have accomplished speaks for itself; WE ROCK!

  • Doreen Bateson, Bowling Green, OH: Virturosa Triangle 8/29/11: I have enjoyed working with our Virturosa Triangle and getting acquainted with the ladies on our team. We communicated with emails, conference calls and phone discussions, working together to have one unified goal with our projects. As we bonded we learned to support each other and give encouragement when needed. Yes, I have built some wonderful friendships that will last a very long time. The Triangle project was an encouraging way to build a successful team.

  • Lakiesha Garcia: Fayetteville, NC: Dice Triangle: 8/29/11: It has definitely been a journey and growing experience. I've had a chance to “meet” two really great people and we've had a chance to learn, grow, and work together. I don't know about anyone else but this experiment gave us a chance to figure out what we need, want, can do, and what we need to improve on. I've had a chance to figure out how to do blogs, collaborate, and so much more. It's been a long process but well worth the effort. *Tips: Make sure you mesh with the triangle you choose, be willing to work, put your group's goals ahead of your own personal feelings (it's a team).* Thanks.

  • Royalena Wynn: Hampton, GA: Focal Point Triangle: 8/29/11: Wow! where to begin. I know that this triangle experiment has been a learning experience for myself. The steps taken will help you learn about each other and yourself. It will help you learn your limits. When choosing your triangles you have to make sure that you compliment each other. You must be able to handle your share of responsibilities and willing to help each other. There are things you will do that you may have never done before, but my tip to you is don't be afraid to try or ask questions. You will network with people from all over and some will become long term friends. Have fun and enjoy the experiences you will have with each other. Thanks

  • Joanne Engel, Cincinnati, Oh, Creative Spark Triangle, 8/29/11: It's a bit difficult to improve on what Marcy (previous entry) has said. The women in the Creative Spark Triangle have been amazing. We have meshed our individual talents into a complementary whole. Besides the creative, business aspect, an unexpected benefit seems to be a mutual interest in the well-being of each of the members. The fact that we are geographically dispersed hasn't been a hindrance at all. It's been a real adventure! As Marcy said, WE ROCK!

  • Fran Breedlove, Manvel/Texas, Innovation Triangle, 8/29/11: Being a part of the Innovation Triangle been an amazing experience for me! Over the past 30 days I have had the pleasure of working with two very talented ladies! Heidi and Amy are both a Great assets to the Innovation Triangle. We performed various tasks and each one was completed on time. We communicated with each other by phone, email and text on a daily basis. On Tuesdays our weekly conference calls were held and each one was interesting and very informative. We all did our share of the work, so that our tasks could be completed successfully and in a timely manner. I have learned so many new and different things, since I began my Lifebushido journey. We are a very strong Triangle and we certainly care about each others success. Starting a new Triangle or being a Triangle member can be a very fun and rewarding experience! Innovation Triangle Rules! Visit us at

  • Amy Hopkins, Houston/Texas, Innovation Triangle, 8/29/11: What a wonderful experience! The goals set forth for our triangle and from Lifebushido brought us together realizing what we had in common, and separate talents we could share with each other. We worked as a team and as individuals with a lot of support for each other and alot of laughter as we worked our way forward. I think this quote by George Bernard Shaw gives a great summery about working as a triangle: “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” Cheers!
  • Update12/04/11: I have now been accepted for Leader Training! As I began working for Lifebushido I was required to follow a step by step process to move forward. Communication and commitment are key factors as we are all virtual. Emails and conference calls are extremely important to respond to and attend, these are tools needed for growth and success. It is important to take on new challenges. As I took on different roles and became a part of different teams the vision of Lifebushido became clear. I have realized talents I did not know I had and have been given the invaluable opportunity to connect with so many people!
  • Donna Mills: S. Ozone Park, NY: Virturosa Triangle, 8/29/11: I have enjoyed the responsibility of leading/guiding our Triangle. I was able to get acquainted with the ladies very well despite not meeting them in person. We communicated daily through emails and during weekly Conference Calls. We even called each other on the phone to discuss any details that were needed. Hearing them helped me to connect not only names with voices, but also their unique personalities. This has been a rewarding and learning experience for all of us. I have learned to be a more encouraging and committed person. I have met some cooperative, wonderful people, but even if everyone in the Triangle is not cooperative, commitment means going the extra mile to encourage everybody, and if necessary continuing on with just a few who are willing to cooperate with you. I have worked with some incredible ladies and they will always be a part of my life. You may find us at


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