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**If you want to know how to join a Recruit Triangle, read this page.**

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An overview of how to post your information on the Join a Triangle wiki. This wiki has the instructions only. DO NOT post your information on this wiki page. Please sign up on the


Steps To Join a Triangle:

  • Go to Join a Triangle Page and click the Edit button, with the pencil icon, in the upper right area of your screen
  • On the Join a Triangle Page, enter your information in to the Recruit Leaders Seeking Triangle Members area or the Recruit Members Seeking to Join a Triangle area (highlighted in yellow)
  • Format your post as follows:

  • Then enter some stuff about you here
  • Click Save and your information should be on the page

Look at the Recruit Members section and email anyone there who you might want to join your Triangle. Let them know you are interested in Leading a Triangle and ask if they want to join. This is a proactive and generally more efficient way to get a full Triangle of 3-5 Members than just waiting for other people to email you.

Look at the Recruit Leaders Seeking Members section and email anyone there who you think would make a good Triangle Leader. Let them know you are interested in joining their Triangle as a Member.

  • There are things you can complete from the checklist before Triangle Day 1, so download, read and start on those items before the first official day of your Triangle.

  • Keep in mind: Try to get 5 Members in your Triangle, including the Leader. The minimum number is 3, so you can start your Triangle with 3-5 Members, including the triangle Leader. Having 5 Members allows you to keep your Triangle going even if 1 or 2 people leave along the way, which can happen. If you drop below 3 Members your Triangle has to either combine with another Triangle or start over the following month.
  • Once you have 2 or more Members (3 including you), Leaders should copy and paste their information and those of their Members in the Triangles - Forming area
  • After your Triangle is formed and you have all the Members you desire, then Leaders should move it under the Triangles - Formed heading.
  • Members should be listed in this order: Leader, Scribe, Connector, Visionary, Global, Member/s
  • Copy and paste your information from above and place here following this format:
  • TriangleName [include wikilink] - Date Formed [MM/DD/YY] 08/04/16
  • FirstName LastName, TriangleRole, Status, Lifebushido Role, City/State/Country, Email Address, Date Posted - MM/DD/YY and your bio from above.
  • Our (Triangle Name) has 4 Members and we would like to have 2 more to join us. If interested, please contact me. Keep your post updated with the status of your Triangle and number of Members still needed, such as: We have (Insert #) of Members and are seeking (Insert #) more Members.
  • Use the same format to list the Members of your Triangle.


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