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Purpose of this Page
This page allows you to voice your opinion on the Triangle process - tell us what you think!

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Instructions for adding your comments

Just click on upper right button on this page and go to proper section and add your comments like using Microsoft Word. When done, click Save on upper right and you are done. You can add your comments anonymously without adding your name. If you add your name and/or email address, we can get back to you with a response or know it is you when reviewing job applications. Either way is fine.


  • If you think this is a great idea, add your kudos and suggestions below.
  • Its a unique idea and a good one. Gives Lifebushido an insight on the candidate and as for the candidate a feel of the tasks.
  • I am having a great time getting to know my team members, I think this is a fabulous way to find a fit and develop teams.
  • BIG KUDOS for having a President that cares and involves himself in growing and nurturing his employees!!


  • If you think this is a stupid idea, add your rant below.


Mary Stewart - Wizards At Work

  • I will say that before I started asking questions, I was quite confused and a little afraid because I kept questioning, why? I finally got the picture when I realized, it's a hiring process. When I decided to join the Triangle, I had no idea what I was getting into. When I kept answering the daily email questions, I began to see what the general idea was. I honestly think it's a smart idea/ Kudos to Steve!!

Joanne Weeden – The Force

  • I am still confused but plan to hang in there because I am a wilderbeest. Am I supposed to respond to the daily emails from Steve? I just finally figured out how to add my name to the list of leaders. I received the invitation for the MBA course but I'm not an MBA student so not sure on this one. But hanging in there to see if the cataracts will clear from my eyes and I see the forest that awaits.

EllenNP -I am confused, i am trying to join a triangle but do not know how. Can someone please help me? mailto:nomangoma@gmail.comanaben2005@yahoo.com

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