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Lifebushido Triangles - Benefit of Triangles
Starting or participating in an active Triangle is an essential step in the hiring process with Lifebushido. I am sure you are wondering what benefits can be found in being in a triangle. A good question and one that is asked by nearly every person who has investigated working with Lifebushido. Well, here it is the top four benefits found in starting and participating in an active triangle.

Finding Your Unique Talent

You will hear 'unique talent' often in Lifebushido and it is not just a buzz word. It is a word that is the essence of Lifebushido. Steve started Lifebushido because he wanted to use his unique talents every day instead of trying to do what others wanted him to do that he could do, but didn't like to do. How many times have you taken a job because you can do the tasks but did not like the tasks? Yes, me too. Working with Lifebushido, I found the unique talent idea very appealing. I found the idea of unique talent was more than an IDEA…it is the manner in which Lifebushido has Ishidos work, but you need to find your unique talents and you can do that by starting and participating in a triangle.

Building Relationships with Other Recruits

You do realize that you are looking for employment in a virtual company. That means you are alone in the company unless you reach out to others. Why not start reaching out and building lasting relationships with others starting out with Lifebushido. Where you are not as strong, your triangle often has one or more individuals that fill in that gap. You succeed because of the relationships you built as do those in your triangle do. In addition, when your triangle members are hired and you are all on different teams, you already have a friend/co-worker that you have a relationship and understanding of how they work going for you.

Demonstrating Your Teamwork Abilities

This may be the most important benefit of the triangle and put in third place for a reason. You cannot demonstrate your teamwork abilities in the best possible manner if you do not know your unique talent and have built relationships with others in your triangle. You cannot be a team without knowing what you do best and what you do not. You cannot be a team without some understanding of what your teammates do well and do not do so well. You have to build that 'fill in the gap' mentality to be a good team. You have to have the right individuals in the best positions for the team succeed. A true leader who can lead and be teachable is critical as is someone who can connect others together and so on.

Final Thoughts
A triangle provides a number of benefits listed above and many more not listed here. The only way to see your potential is to attack this process with enthusiasm and taking control of your destiny within Lifebushido. There is nothing more attractive to an employer than having recruits eager to demonstrate their abilities in a tangible way. Go forth and be bold, start and be an active participant in a triangle and see all that is available to you with Lifebushido.

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