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Triangle Days 1-10 Get to Know You Email Questions

  • Day 1 - In one word, how do you feel right now? We call this a One Word Open.
  • Day 2 - Why did you decide to join I Manifest Bliss and start this adventure with strangers around the world?
  • Day 3 - What is your most treasured memory?
  • Day 4 - Who do you admire most and in what way does that person inspire you?
  • Day 5 - What is the one thing about yourself that you like best?
  • Day 6 - What was the riskiest decision you ever made in your life?
  • Day 7 - What is the greatest accomplishment in your life, so far?
  • Day 8 - Open choice question: Make up your own question and answer it to help the I Manifest Bliss community get to know you better.
  • Day 9 - What have you learned about yourself and about your fellow participants in your first week of the I Manifest Bliss journey?
  • Day 10 - In one word, how do you feel right now? We call this a One Word Close

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Post-event - 9/26/17 - Triangle feedback

Thank you for participating in our pre-event Triangle sharing!
I hope you enjoyed the event!

Could you please reply to me and Maimah with some feedback?

  • What did you feel, learn, experience by sharing with 'strangers' and hearing stories from others?
  • Who did you meet in-person at event, who you first met via these Triangle emails? Any special connections?
  • How could we do something post-event over next few weeks to deepen and continue this process among 3-9 attendees?

Any other comments?
Thank you!

Keep in touch,

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