Preparing for Triangle Start

Prepare for Triangle Start
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Before Day 1 - InstructionsStarting Your Triangle.

qa1.jpgTriangle Questions?
Helpful Tip: Use Subject: TriangleName - Question - FirstName Last Name

Triangle Contacts
Triangle Team Leader: Madiha Ahmed
Triangle Email:


Before Day 1 - Instructions

Review Tasks listed for Triangle Members and Triangle Leaders.

  • Members are required to complete All Recruit Triangle Member Tasks
  • Leaders are required to complete All Recruit Triangle Member and Recruit Triangle Leader Tasks

All Recruit Triangle Member Tasks

Complete the following tasks before Day 1.This will help you prepare to begin on Day 1.

  • Dedicated Email Account
  • This will be used for Lifebushido only.
  • Make sure your Email Address includes your Name. (Example:
  • Within 3 Days of Formed Triangle:
  • You must have a completed Job Application in QuickBase within 3 days of joining a Recruit Triangle. Recruit Records must be completed in one sitting. Once you save your Record, you will not be able to access, view, edit or update until after you are hired. If access is granted before you are hired, you will be notified.
  • For instructions on how to complete your Recruit Record, review the following document:

  • Review FAQs page
  • Email all questions you have to your Triangle Leader.
  • Example subject: Triangle Name - FAQs - FirstName LastName
  • Write Passion Paragraph
  • This should be a short paragraph about a passion you have. It can be funny or sincere. (Examples: fruit/people/friends/TV/hobbies, etc.)
  • Email this passion paragraph to your Recruit Triangle Leader.
  • Subject: Triangle Name - Passion Paragraph - FirstName LastName
  • Send a confirmation email to your Recruit Triangle Leader stating you have viewed this presentation.

Recruit Triangle Leaders Only

Triangle Leaders are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Recruit Triangle Members
  • Interview 6-10 potential Members and choose 3-4 individuals to form a Triangle.
  • Make Contact with all Members
  • Email is preferred.
  • Select Triangle Name
  • You may select or have members vote.
  • Setup Triangle Wiki Page
  • Subject: TriangleName - Wikipage Request - FirstName LastName
  • Your wikipage will be created and an email containing your wikipage link will be sent to you.
  • Triangle Introduction Email
  • Once your Triangle is formed (i.e., you have all the Members your group desires, minimum of 3 maximum of 5 - as of 12/01/16 this changes to minimum of 3 and maximum of 4), email
  • Subject: Triangle Name - Triangle Introduction - First Name Last Name
  • Include in the body of the email all Member names, email addresses, and Triangle Roles.
  • Move Your Triangle
  • Move your Triangle from “Active Triangles Forming” to “Active Triangles Formed” on the Join A Triangle wiki.
  • Copy Members bios from Join a Triangle wiki to your Triangle wiki.
  • Track Member Progress
  • Create a way to track Member progress and add to your Triangle wiki. (Example - Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Confirm all member steps are complete.
  • Triangle Begins on the 1st
  • Do not assign scheduled tasks before the 1st.
  • Following the suggested timeline improves the success of the Triangle.
  • Do not add additional tasks not required to triangle members.

Late Start Triangles

To be approved for a late start the request must be received by Triangle by the 3rd of the month.

  • Any late request received after the 3rd of the month will be deferred until the next month.
  • Late Start Triangles begin on the 5th of the month.
  • Tasks and your LG99 Market Research due dates do not change.
  • This may require multitasking - completing Triangle tasks at the same time as the LG99 Market Research.
  • The day the Triangle is confirmed to start will be the date the daily emails and 'get to know you' interactions begin.
  • Late Start Example Timeline
  • Daily and Get to Know You emails begin on the 5th and finish on the 15th
  • Deadlines remain the same for Individual Tasks (due by the 20th).
  • LG99 Market Research starts on the 20th and is completed by the end of the month.


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