Triangle Lifebushido Package (TLP)


  • Have people reflect on themselves and document Who Am I and What Do I Want in Life?
  • Have Triangle Members read and reflect back to each other to clarify further in writing and to understand each other and Who Are We and What Do We Want in Life?
  • Create a very organized consistent PDF package for the Triangle to make it easy for someone to introduce themselves to someone else in another Triangle or for Triangles to introduce themselves to other Triangles.

Triangle Lifebushido Package

  • Lifebushido means living your life boldly with bushido and knowing what you want and moving towards your goals always.
  • We call this the TLP. Every Triangle has a TLP and updates the TLP once a year by Dec 15th to set clear goals for coming year.

Steps for TLP

Members do a variety of exercises to help to discover and tune their TLP sections. Everyone shares with each other and reads and comments to help clarify and tune. You want your TLP section to be clear to yourself and clear to Triangle Members.

  • These are pages per person.
  • Page 1

Goals: Do Goalbushido steps and write annual goals. One page.

  • Page 2 and 3

Focus Unique Talent: Your full FUT analysis of one page and a second page will be feedback from friends/family about your FUT and final paragraph from you on how you felt AFTER reading feedback from friends/family. So this is 2 pages total.

  • Page 4

Perfect Job: One paragraph statement of what would be your Perfect Job looking out one year from now. Personality Profile: A few lines or statement of results of any personality profiles you took. Passion: One paragraph statement of what you are passionate about. One Paragraph Close: One paragraph of how you feel after doing these exercises and putting them all together and reflecting on them about your life and goals? How do you feel?

Triangle Lifebushido Package - TLP - Format of File

Name of file should be: TLP - YOUR-TRIANGLE-NAME - MON YEAR.PDF.

For example: TLP - Awesome Triangle - Feb 2015.PDF

Pages should be organized as follows:

Cover Page: Be creative, logos/pics are fine. Have name of Triangle and link to Triangle wiki page and Month Year of Triangle Startup. Table of Contents: Use Header 1 and Header 2 to generate Table of Contents properly.

Footer: Should have Triangle Name and Page Numbers.

Triangle Leader sends to LB when ready and CC Triangle Members so everyone can see feedback. PDF also should be posted on Triangle Page and uploaded to Triangle DB.

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