Triangle Roles

Triangle Roles
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leadership.jpgThe challenge of leadership is to be strong but not rude;
be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully;
be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant;
have humor, but without folly. - Jim Rohn

The Triangle experience helps you learn about Lifebushido, identify your unique talents, and work together with your group.

Triangle Roles

Recruit Triangles are comprised of people filling various roles that align with their personalities, talents and interests. Read the following role descriptions to find your best fit in a Recruit Triangle.

Who you are: Often the first to react in a situation, you're a people-lover, have a positive personality and a strong desire to make things better than they are right now.
What you would do in a Triangle:

  • Lead of your Triangle - maintain positive energy, inspire Triangle members and foster a sense of community/team between members
  • Communicate often and well, keeping all members informed of relevant information
  • Be organized and stay on top of due dates
  • Work with Scribe to keep Members on track and organized
  • Be flexible
  • Help your Triangle members as needed; respond to member questions or concerns in a timely manner and escalate to triangle@lifebushido if you do not find the information you need in the Triangle Checklist or on the wikis

Who you are: An organizer and list-maker, you keep things orderly and pay attention to detail. Typo? You noticed it. Your desk is neat and you like things to run like a well-oiled machine. You have an eye for what is visually appealing.
What you would do in a Triangle:

  • Take notes of activities and keep records on your Triangle Wiki Page or in any other place your Triangle and you agree on, to track projects or conference calls as applicable
  • Communicate with your Triangle Leader about which Members have projects they need to turn in, etc.
  • Send notes to Triangle Members if Leader requests that you do so
  • Compiles a PDF of the Triangle's Talent Packet, showcasing members' Perfect Job, Goals and Focus on Unique Talents projects and sends to
  • Complete any needed revisions to the Triangle Talent Packet, working in partnership with Triangle Leader to make necessary changes, if requested by Lifebushido staff

Who you are: A social butterfly, a talker, and someone who feels energized when interacting with others. You enjoy harmony, relationships and hosting gatherings where everyone leaves happy and wants to come again. You're not afraid to initiate a conversation and you know how to network.
What you would do in a Triangle:

  • Seek out connections with other Triangles, such as conference calls or Google Hangout gatherings
  • Help people move into another Triangle if there is a need to combine
  • Schedule meetings
  • Help to encourage communication between Triangle members

Who you are: You enjoy reading and learning new things. You know how to research and find information. You can turn a concept into a passionate vision. You're a strong communicator and you inspire others to get excited about your ideas. You easily see the long-term vision, and friends might describe you as creative, curious, passionate, sensitive and innovative.
What you would do in a Triangle:

  • Help your Triangle have the most impact possible in sharing the Lifebushido vision.
  • Learn about the visionary aspects of Lifebushido and share this information with your Triangle members
  • Use Google, Triangle Wikis, and other sources to find new ideas for your Triangle and Lifebushido; then communicate your ideas to your Triangle Leader
  • Be the liaison among all the different Triangles for the improvement of each Triangle by encouraging communication and exchanging ideas between Triangle Leaders
  • Be able to grasp a concept and express it precisely and succinctly. This requires a versatile vocabulary and good habits in grammar. The people who implement that person’s vision of a project or concept should be able to “see” or envision what is being expressed. This can lead to ideas for graphics or video projects.
  • Hold the most cultural, passionate vision that perceives beyond the business side of things…..resonates with the creative social entrepreneur
  • Look for creative and innovative ways to connect the members of the triangle with each other and with the goals of the triangle as a team


Who you are: A team player who feels more comfortable in a support role than in the spotlight. You get satisfaction from supporting others and you value being helpful. You have varied interests and skill sets.
What you would do in a Triangle:

  • Complete all Triangle Tasks
  • Fill in where necessary
  • Work with Leader and Scribe to maintain wiki page
  • Assists visionary in building new ideas for Triangle
  • Provide input for all Triangle projects and tasks



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