• Google Talk - I'm a big fan of google talk. Anyone with a google email

can access this. It's available on your gmail web page, as a messaging
system on your desktop or as an app on your smartphone. If a member is
unavailable and you send a message to them, it goes directly to your
email account. Rating: A - a great, free way to stay connected

  • - This site is location based marketing and analytics.

This may be handy when looking for real estate agents in the area.
While it may be a bit more than emailing agents, it looks as though it
would definitely help for more in depth marketing. It allows you to
reach out to multiple people at once, which is a nice time saving
tool. Rating: B - for our immediate purposes, this might not be
necessary but definitely something to remember for the future.

The website that I liked the best out of the ones I checked out is and it offers easy and simple marketing software for businesses, things like lead generation, email services, and campaign software. It looks useful for sure.


I think the following webites would be good for our group:

  • Claim your idea where many people can participate in the reality of social ideation. You can control who helps work on your idea. Working together, you can turn your idea into a reality.

I have not used this, but it sounds like it could give us some good
ideas, and that we could work on our ideas as a group.

I also thought either of these would be helpful to us in creating
our group project.

I liked It's a must have for real estate marketing. Another great site is You can sign up for free and it helps you get the most out of your website by understanding your audience better and find out what's working best to engage people. There's other data you can retrieve as well. The site offers links to Google Surveys, Google Optimize and Google Data Studio - all useful tools to help you build your business.

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